Bus-Sized Satellite Headed Towards Earth

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  1. "What goes up, must come down."
  2. Ouch! Hopefully it will land in the ocean.
  3. 70 percent chance :fish:
  4. Ouch!
  5. Rough seas- awwwwwww. Perhaps they should shoot it after it comes down.
  6. Well rough seas or not they shot that thing and blew it up.
  7. The rocket that was used from the U.S. Navy cruiser was an adaptaion of the anti-balistic missile technology already in place. My source mentioned that all the U.S. Navy engineers had to do was to slightly modify the guidance software to respond to a different 'vehicle' profile dimension and speed. The video of the impact did verify that the hydrazine fuel tank was, in fact, destroyed ( along with all the super-sectret spy stuff that Bill Clinton didn't sell to the Chinese in 1996... LOL. )

    If the tank had not been destroyed, there is a chance that it would have survived atmospheric re-entry in one piece and hydrazine is some really nasty stuff to land in a populated area...

    Good shooting United States Navy!!

    Hydrazine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  8. This was as much a staement to other nations as a mercy mission.
  9. Any pieces found yet, or was it totally destroyed?
  10. I do not think it has come down yet.
  11. The 'new' smaller pieces are STILL in orbit and will re-enter at the same time that the entire satellite would have re-entered in the first place, as the orbit decays. It's just that there are no large pieces any longer that might survive the re-entry without burning up.

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