Boss from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

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  1. Boss from H-E-Double Hockey Sticks

    I have a great job that I've been doing for almost 6 years, but I've been struggling mightily with the company's Chief Operating Officer of late. After 5+ years of exemplary behavior, $millions in revenue brought in and not so much as a smear on my record, I sent out an email to my clients that he and only he deemed inapropriate and received a "final written warning". The email took a small potshot at one our competitors, who have failed to address issues involved with a piece of software they make and we sell. Be that as it may, it made me a hero with my frustrated clients but I did own up to the "unprofessional" nature of its content.

    This was months ago, but ever since, he likes to single me out in meetings and bring up this issue whenever he sees fit. People will say to me after, "what was THAT about"?

    I get angry when this happens but bite my tongue and pray about it later usually followed by a great workout at the gym( I guess I should be happy about that because at my age, I need all the motivation I can get). I don't want to lose this job but I'm afraid bottling it up will cause me to come unhinged. I can forgive and forget but he won't. What to do, what to do?
  2. I am in a similar boat brother. As of late I have been telling myself that I am not doing my work for so and so, but rather am working for God. God is the one that I will have to answer to when all is said and done. It seems to give me a bit of a new perspective. But like you I am still very frustrated at times.
  3. Mike - Hah!:D

    Do a happy dance! Hee hee hee. I've found in the past that this situation always has one reason:

    The one grumbling about other people at the meetings, people who often do things right, is the person trying to take the attention off his own bad deeds off of himself and direct it at another person.

    In our organization they usually don't last too long because they can't keep the attention off of themselves forever.:(

    Sounds like you're doing good. Chin up. He can't cover up his own insecurities by shedding light on what he believes are flaws in you. Your good deeds will outshine his bad.

    God bless you - keep smiling!:D
  4. I worked for as a department manager for a rather unpleasant supervisor once. He wanted me out of the way to get his buddy in place. I however did a great job and no matter what he threw at me I handled it and kept on going. One day he was tired of giving me a hard time and frustrated by a lack of success in running me off. He came over and told me " You know Larry there is a bigger department open at another store!". I looked him in the eye and smiled and said " no thanks I like it here". I could see his spirit break. Of course I do not believe I would handle it that way today as the Lord has been teaching me not to be such a knuckle head but I still chuckle when I think of it.
  5. Ugh, that's miserable. Keep praying both for him and for yourself, and try to lean on God when you feel like you're losing the fight. Is there any way to talk to him privately and ask him to let it go? Is he an otherwise reasonable person, or would this be impossible?
    Star and I will be praying for you. Hang on!
  6. Aside from this situation, I've also been praying that God will provide me opportunities to serve and to give to others who have need. Yesterday morning, He put me in a position to do just that and I was very thankful and feeling tremendous joy. I told myself that I would not let my boss rob my joy again and prayed for strength and lo and behold, it worked. It will be a day-to-day struggle, to be sure, but as I pray for strength, I also pray for him, that God will soften his heart.

    I'll do the same for you and your boss, bro. Hang in there. We have rec'd the greatest gift imaginable and I think we should hold on to that firmly and if so, nothing else will matter.
  7. Thanks, Whirlwind, I appreciate the support and words of encouragement. I'm putting on my dancing shoes as we speak. :D
  8. I think in our society today we lose focus of what's really important. We are trying to please people more than pleasing God. When we get back to honoring God in all we do the rest of it doesn't matter as much.
  9. Boanerges - thank you for your response. It's good to know that my situation is not unique. I agree with your philosophy about doing the best job I can do no matter what. Luckily, the rest of Sr. Management sees the results, so I have that going for me. God bless.
  10. AMEN! Well stated brother.
  11. Thanks, Joyce, to you and Star. Reasonable is not a word that's ever been used to describe him. At some point, I may try that but right now his body language is shouting, "Back off"!

    Thank you for the prayers. They are always appreciated.

    In Christ - Mike

  12.'s not unique...

    I too had a similar experience...mine did not have a happy ending though. I ended up leaving for a similar job at a compeditor. The benefits aren't as good, but at least I can sleep at night, and know I'm not going to be harassed at work. My boss hated me because I was right about something, and did the right thing, against his wishes, thereby saving the company from litigation. I don't know if I could do it was the moral, legal and right thing to do, but it cost me dearly. I still struggle daily to forgive those involved in harassing me.
  13. KitsapGirl,

    Ultimately, you did the right thing and that's what's important. Even though you may have lost something in switching jobs, I think you would do it all again, given the chance. Morally, legally and righteously, how could you do otherwise? I say this after reading some of your other posts. Take comfort in the fact that you're a good person.
  14. Thanks, I needed that

    ....Sometimes I don't feel like such a good person when the feelings of betrayal rear their ugly head & I have to pray for them to go away....

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