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  1. I love reading the Bible. But the thing about the Bible for me is that I read and in my head, I think, I am going to do this again and again, in a row, but when I am done with one study, I don't want to read anymore. I might read later in the day but this is very occasional.
    The problem is that I am bored almost all day, and this increases during the spring, when there is nostalgia of my past feats flying all around me. I want to start playing video games again, and start a YouTube channel too, but I don't want to go to that past life of vanity.
    I want to do wrestling, but my mom is too scared for me, and she won't let me. Wrestling is the only sport I wish to play.
    I want to start working out again, but I think I pulled a muscle in my thigh so I can't. I refuse to go to the doctor though.
    What should I do? It feels like I am seeking God but He is not responding, though I am certain that He does.
    How do you deal with boredom?
  2. Something to remember is that God put things (talents) in you that bring you joy. And He does it just for our joy. So if you decide to play a video game, or do something on a youtube channel, do it for the glory of God. Play video games, (ones that God would be proud of), but don't allow it consume you so that you don't spend time in the Word. And on Youtube you can make things that talk about Jesus or teach others what you have learned or at least shares what you believe. All kinds of opportunities that can be used to glorify God. Just pray about things and commit them to God and allow Him to lead you.
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  3. Play video games and make you tube videos and wrestle.
    Just teasing you Juk. Seek God about the video games and you tube stuff Juk. A little Play station action never hurt any one as long as it is done in moderation and good taste. Perhaps God would have you make some video's of you reading from your king James and getting better at the old english dilect.

    This might sound not fun but it can be very much. Is there any older people around you where you live that do spring type work on their homes and yards ? Offer to help them out. Build a friendship and you might just find more joy then you could imagine.

    I go through spells where I can not stop reading His word then it happens and it just seems to be getting no place real fast so I grab a dvd and paper and pencil and dig into the word that way and before long I got the bible open and digging around in it.

    The enemy loves to makes us feel less by saying you only did this for 20 minutes and they do it for an hour and so on. The devil is a constant nag if you let him, always right there haunting you and I am not talking about the boogie man stuff.

    There is so much you can do. Commit a walk to God and begin to praise Him and see where He takes you. I mean God can make an adventure out of walking to the store and back.
    Just don't get so hard on your self that you end up being your own enemy.
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  4. how do I deal with boredom? well, if exhausted all my possiblilties, no friends talk to on phone, written all my letters, read all my books, watched all my dvds, done all my gardening, went for a walk or bike ride, write in my journal, play scrabble with dad, listen to music, go shopping, start singing to my music, then start playing guitar...hang out on christian forums...

    I don't know. Sometimes it's good to be bored. At at least not over stimulated. Then I start thinking of cool inventions. I go to the garage and see if can make something. Or I ask my cat what she does...she just kinds of lies around, so I take a nap too.
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  5. Maybe since you read so much Bible you could start a Bible trivia game on here and ask us how much we remember.

    eg. who in Bible killed a lion with a jawbone?
    Person who answers correctly then gets to ask the next question.
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  6. Samson, I'm pretty sure.
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  7. Please also address this issue:
    "It feels like I am seeking God but He is not responding, though I am certain that He does."
  8. He is teaching you patience. Things dont happen just cos you click your fingers, prayers are not answered just like that.
    Also he wants you to be a doer of his word not just a hearer. How are you doing his word?
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  9. Yep. Correct. Your turn.
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  10. Juk,
    I am new here and do not know you, but based on this post and other posts of yours that I have read so far, I am seeing the frustrations of someone with a warrior's spirit.

    That may seem like a cool thing to a young man, but understand one thing…
    Warriors can be effective in a fight, but SOLDIERS are inevitably and consistently far more effective than warriors.

    I am a soldier of Jesus, and I have been a soldier of man. The training and duties of a soldier can be repetitive and boring in the extreme, but they have a purpose and when that training pays off it usually pays off big.
    It also makes some of the hardships of war easier to bear and understand.

    We learn from soldiers who have gone before us, and when we go into battle ourselves we often learn just how valuable the boring stuff (like study, listening, and waiting) really and truly is. We rarely know when or where our commander is going to send us into battle.

    That said, I have yet to meet a single young man or woman in or near their teens (including myself) that liked hearing this, but I would guess that part of your frustration is also simple age. Most young people have a shear and almost unbearably desperate need to DO something.

    Stick it out and stay with God. As you grow in spirit and body many things will get easier to bear.
    Continue in prayer and study. Continue seeking wisdom. (2 Timothy 2:3-7)
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  11. Eat too much and you get sick right? When you do that with the word of God you don't take the time to digest what is read. I embrace boredom! It means I have down time. Society wants you to be so wound up that you're always on the move. This has led to the microwave society where no one has patience and everyone has road-rage. Use the time to listen to the birds, watch the grass grow and meditate on what you read. As young as you are, it is 100% normal to want to keep busy, but when you become a self-sustaining adult or head of the family, you're too busy to hardly take a breath and you'll cherish those quite times.

    1 Timothy 6:6 (KJV)
    But godliness with contentment is great gain. ​

    Ecclesiastes 4:6 (KJV)
    Better [is] an handful [with] quietness, than both the hands full [with] travail and vexation of spirit. ​
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  12. I'm not sure what my talents are.
  13. Asking and answering Bible questions?
    Well, Paul did tell Timothy to study to shew himself approved. He was encouraging him even though he was young to study. I think he could see Timothy was going to make a good shepherd.
    If you want to be a pastor you gonna have sheep asking you all kinds of questions about God and the Bible, so you better have a ready answer.
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  14. I try my best to do His word by loving others, though I am not perfect just yet. Yesterday, I read in the Bible that I should not deny those who ask of me. So, I tried to live that out today.
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  15. I want to consistently read the Bible. By the time I am old enough to become a pastor, I should be very experienced. Thank God I started at 12.
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  16. Sounds like something to ask God to show you.

    In my opinion one is writing. And maybe you could pray about putting in some time into learning about weight training, and then applying Biblical principles to it so that if God opens the door to teaching someone, then you can teach them two ways.

    I watch a movie sometimes....facing the giants. If you get the chance, it is a good one. Anyway the coach uses the Word of God to establish a team philosophy, thus he teaches the young men Biblical principles and about God and about football. It shows a good example of intertwining Bible and real life.
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  17. The more and more you could be memorizing also...and thus you will be well versed in the Word, and God can like Abdicate said use that in mighty ways in the future, when the demands of life give you little time for study....unless you are a pastor. Which then using your time to learn to meditate now will prove to be an advantage later. It could also do a lot to benefit you now. Because as one meditates on the Word of God, God (The Holy Spirit) brings truth, and depth of understanding that people who do not meditate do not have.

    Blessings little man!
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  18. People always said that I was a good writer. I want to be a theologian as well, and I wanted to write books on theology.
  19. Ask God for wisdom (James 1:5).

    Wisdom is a good thing, but there is flip side that most don't understand until after they get it...
    The process tends to be a bit painful, because we get in the way. In the crux of a moment we set aside our knowledge of His omnipotence (rom 8:28-30) in favor for our own understanding (Prov 3:5-6).

    The really stupid part is that we usually do so repeatedly.
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  20. That is awesome! Being a theologian takes a lot of study. So if that is your goal then don't give up on it. Part of what your going through is learning to persevere
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