Black Friday

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  1. Black Friday

    I did it one year, went and stood in line for about three hours for the store to open. Never did it again.

    I saw on the news this morning how people were getting trampled, there were fights, millions of dollars traded hands. One lady was complaining that it took her 2.5 hours to drive 1 mile because of an accident.

    I was like...why didn't you just park and walk?:eek:

    So how about you...? Did you do Black Friday? Why/Why not?
  2. I had stay home and digest friday!:cool:
  3. stayed home this weekend. I don't like the crowds
  4. Please can you explain to us Brits what "Black Friday" is ?
  5. The Friday after Thanksgiving, the kickoff of the shopping season for Christmas. Most stores open at insane hours (4, 5, 6 am) with certain sale items that are anywhere from 30-70% off normal price for a couple of hours. People line up, sometimes the night before to get a first shot at these limited low-priced items.

    The term Black Friday was initially coined by Bus Drivers who despised the shopping traffic on the weekend after Thanksgiving. It has come more to mean the first day some retail businesses actually start making a profit and aren't operating in the red.
  6. There's nothing I want to buy badly enough to deal with the lines and traffic of Black Friday. I refuse to get sucked into the commercial vortex leading up to Christmas. If something is out of stock when I'm good and ready to shop; oh well! I have to work the night of Thanksgiving anyway, so I couldn't participate if I wanted to.
  7. I suppose theyll be even more traffic this year due to the canadians heading south due to the dollar being where it is.
  8. One year I thought Heck with it!!!

    I'm not going to give out Chrismtas presents this year. And I didn't buy anything for anybody.

    On Christmas eve, I got my Christmas present. A laptop. I had been needing one for work for so long. It melted my heart. It would make doing my job so much more easy to be able to carry all my work around in a briefcase!

    Panicky, I went out shopping on Christmas Eve. HA HA HA!!!

    The shelves at Walgreen's were picked clean. I wound up getting everybody cheesy gifts.:eek:

    Still...on TV there's commercials about diamonds for Christmas, buy someone on your list this car. They had the millionaire exhibit somewhere recently. There was a diamond-encrusted toilet, for Pete's sake!


    I haven't seen one commercial yet that mentions Jesus.

    Wow, John S...that was some answer! Impressive! I never knew all that about Black Friday. All I knew was that every year some poor little old lady manages to make it to the front of the line and is trampled while trying to get to the 50-dollar DVD players.:eek:
  9. buy them in the january sales for the following year,lol.maybe they will make up a summer sale soon,lol.they love there money you know.sell there granny if she was worth anything.:eek:
  10. LOL

    You means she's not?:eek:

    That's cute, Smelly...:D
  11. Does anyone make gifts? :)

    Wouldn't this be the nicest gift of all?

    I don't mean we can't buy useful or needful things too.....

  12. my family and my brothers last year bought gifts for 5 pounds.they had to represent what you thought of them,my present was a f@*t bought my brothers wife perfume,so we both think each other stink,lol.:D
  13. I've been wanting one of these rotary tools for a long time now (the kind with the different attachments), and so I went out and got myself one the other weekend.

    I got home and took my friend's huge glass mug that he got at the dollar store and drew a dolphin on it with the glass-etcher attachment. He was thrilled!

    Thanks, Violet...I'm going to go to the dollar store and buy a bunch of those mugs and etch them for gifts. Mom likes Elvis, my baby sister likes computers, my brother likes video games. I'm getting ideas on all kinds of things I can etch into mugs. Then I can personalize them with names! Wow!

  14. Oh, I would LOVE one of those!!
    The mug idea is brilliant!!!
    Can you show us a pic of the tool AND something you used it on?
    When you have time.......


  15. Violet .... I love to get hand made gifts or home preserves. That to me is the ultimate gift as I know that a lot of love has gone into it.
  16. Oh ..... Whirlwind , my buddy , my friend, am I on your list ? He He

  17. It's like what we have and I think you have the day after Christmas...... BOXING DAY...... woo ... hoo.

    But I never go can't stand crouds.

    I heard that you guys had big long lines at the borders from Canadians now that the money is par and people had to wait for over two hours . Not me they can have it.
  18. I went...yes, I'll admit it!

    I got up at my usual time of 5am...quickly dressed, warmed the car and headed out.

    There were a few tings on my christmas list that I needed from Office Depot, so I headed there there at 5:30...they open at 6. There was a long line, so I decided to visit the opened at 4am. In my wallet I had a few coupons that I could use there.

    I entered through JCPenney, and received a Mickey Mouse snowglobe...perfect! My sister used to work there and give me one each I have the one for this year, my set is complete.

    I walked down to Bath & Body works...I have a coupon for free lip gloss, and a $10 off coupon. I pick up my MIL gift, and a few stocking stuffers for my daughter. They had a perfume set for free when you purchase $30 or I spent $25 fr about $60 of product.

    Back to Office Depot...They've opened, and the line is gone. Inside I need a shredder $29.99...usually $89.99, I paid 80.00 and have a $40 rebate for it, some NICE pen sets $10, free with rebate, a USB hub regular price $15, I pay $10, and get a $5 rebate, and 2 web cams $56, 2/$10 after rebate. I was able to get everything except for the webcams.

    The morning was still young, barely 7am so I headed for Walgreens. My son wants a camera for Christmas & theirs is $ in itself, but I also got free batteries for it, and a $20 rebate. While there, I saw that they had a video MP3 player with 3gig memory...$70.00! Dirt cheap! My sons birthday is 2 weeks away, so I get it for him...

    Next was Kmart. Joe Boxer PJ's buy one get one free...I ALWAYS do jammies for I paid $25 for 4 pair of matching pajamas.

    It was about 9am when I finally returned home. No one was rude, I didn't witness any crazyness...I spent about $200.00, finished my shopping, and will receive $150 in rebates sometime next year.

    This is why some of crazy people do it...when my rebates come, I will have only spent $50.00 for gifts!
  19. Good job Kitsap girl..... you got some real good bargains... but for me I am not so agressive and hate crouds.
  20. My wife bakes goodies for presents to our relatives, except for the kids of course - they want toys.

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