Biblical Christianity VS Cultural Christianity

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  1. Biblical Christianity VS Cultural Christianity

    Hey ALL!!

    I am new to this forum, I just wanted to say howdy!! I am working on some studying between what is called biblical Christianity and Cultrual Christianity. If you want more explination of what I mean go to my video on You Tube here is the link:

    This is somthing that I am trying to improve on in my own life and it has changed my view of alot of things. I now am motivated to try to share Christ with as many people as I can and to actually do things outside the church and reach out. Tell me what you think. I want to be a minister possibly and I preach stuff on Youtube. thanks!!
  2. I thought it was an awesome message and very thought provoking!

    I love the term disciple but at the same time I wish the name Christian could be looked upon as something good.
    It is the terminology most of us will use to describe ourselves as Christ followers and it's a shame the name has become looked down upon because of the behavior of some so called Christ followers.
    Thank you and Welcome!
  3. I really appreciate the feedback, yes the average person who has a sin problem or struggles with a specific type of sin is shunned from the church. Why do homosexuals hate Christians so much?? I think its because the majority of Christians they run into are not reflecting the light of Christ. We as Christians need to reflect the light of Christ more and more and bring these people in and LOVE THEM!!! not shun them. By loving them we bring them closer to Christ and Christ will reveal himself to their heart....
  4. I agree. How can we think of only our own salvation, shun the sinners that need Christ and need US to help bring then to Him?
    Can we be selfish with God's gift of salvation and still retain it?

  5. I Just hope my message gets to people and makes them think. That is what it was designed to do. I Love God and dont want ANYONE !! To Perish in The Pit of Fire. It is horrible, just horrible. I cant believe that some are already there. It bothers me that people are suffering right now as we speak. I just cant comprehend it.
  6. Bless you, BITW
  7. My son in law has a brother who lives the gay lifestyle. He says they have their own bible, their own church and serve God who accepts them just the way they are.
    Of course we can't agree with him on this but we do show that we love him and care about him even though we stand by the gay lifestyle as being an abomination to God.
  8. I say good for you!
    And your life in itself can be the only true witness to this person, and much prayer!

  9. Your video was very well done and not only that, it was also timely. Christianity in the west on the majority scale is not even remotely similiar to biblical Christianity. Biblical Christianity to much of the west is a novelty, an oddity, something that only fundamentalist extremists practice. To boldy state that you are a bible-believing, narrow-way, uncompromising Christian is to be marginalized, even amongst those who name the name of Christ. You'll recieve more condemnation and criticism from so-called Christians then you ever will the secular world. We are a peculiar people; awkward, different, outcasts, freaks; and that's precisely the way it ought to be, and certainly not 85% of an entire nation consists of biblical Christians. Cultural Christianity dominates the west and rarely does anyone take notice. To be a Christian is America is this: a "God-fearing", conservative republican, patriotic, nationalistic, sometimes church going, war-supporting, member of the NRA who watches Fox news. It is shaped by and relavent to its culture and its culture alone. The west is very ignorant of the true gospel---the one that speaks about repentence and taking up your cross. Millions of people who comprise what is called the "bible belt" believe themselves saved when they are emphatically lost. Most of them said a prayer when they were little and this they believe ensures them an entrance into heaven. After they said the prayer, then subsequently a preacher tells them about "once saved always saved", meaning now that they've recited that prayer, it means they are saved forever. They take that to be 100% fact and live the rest of their lives in complete rebellion before God while adhering this nifty label of "Christian" to themselves. Like country music stars---they drink, swear, steal, and lie while proudly pinning "Christian" to their self-profile.
    I could go on here but I'll save it for now brother. You're thinking of preaching huh? Praise God. If you preach like you did in this video with ferocity and conviction; then I support you.
    I'm a writer myself and as soon as I'm moved to Las Vegas I'm enrolling in Creative writing. Have you ever wandered into a Christian bookstore and wanted to rip the hair from your skull? Everything in there is self-improvement, self-fulfillment, self-esteem; self, self, self, self. Everything about man and nothing about God. Everything about prosperity and nothing about the gospel. I'm hoping to write some books to counter all of that.

    God Bless you brother
  10. I carry the name Christian because of my Lord and I am not dissuaded by what someone elses misgiuded attempts are. One cannot be a true disciple if one is not a Christian. Nothing personal but I love the church of Jesus Christ and I know God sees something very special in her.I personaly like being called anything with the Name of Christ in it!
    Like it or not the church is now and always will be composed of just people.
    Like it or not the world will always find a reason to avoid and/or diss the church.
    The Word Christian means follower of Christ, nothing more and nothing less no matter what connotation the lost world ascribes to it.

    These are of course my opinions and I certainly respect yours. You may call yourself whatever you like- as long as you are born again you are still my brother.
    Many blessings in the Name of Jesus Christ, your brother Larry
  11. True HS, self help is the antithesis of Christianity
  12. Wow! You summed things up pretty well, in my opinion!
  13. Brother Larry, yes, I want our title as Christian to stand what it is meant to stand for!
  14. thanks Larry,

    I had a weird time looking at the diffrent names as well. But when I thought about it, jesus did not call anyone to be a Christian, he called them to be Disciples. he said "Go and make Disciples of all the nations" Not just believers. a disciple does 3 things, 1. offends the Pharasees, 2. befriends sinners 3. makes more disciples!! A Christian however , it seems to me like its just a belief system instead of a way of life. We need to start fishing for men and stop looking to make ourselves the only one in this world. The fluffy christianity that we see in book stores and on TV is not what we should be striving for. The early church before catholicism, the original church, EXPLODED!!! because they were not afraid to share christ boldly. They were killed for it and that made the church take off even more. They strived to be like Christ. and it cost alot of them their lives. This is how I want to be. a Fully devoted follower of Christ. not just a believer.
  15. You know what for me and that is just my opinion so do not take offense. You jump around too much to all different topics of what a Christian should be and should not be and for myself I will be and am a Christian.... born again ... bought with a price and am a believer of Jesus Christ . No matter what you say about Christians in this day there will always be contraversy and people talking about us what we should and should not do.

    We must make our own choices as to how we are going to be salt and light in the world and how to reach the lost. Not be told how to do it. That my friend is the Holy Spirit who does the teaching and the conviction. Arguing and counter arguing on yutube or any where else is counter productive and will never solve anything. By our fruits we will be known and as people see that they will also want to know our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    I do not have to get on my soap box and demonstrate because Christ did that for me. And yah,the name Christian has taken a bum rap over the years and will continue because of those who claim falsely but you know what I am not here to criticise them but to love them where they are at. That to me is the true love that Jesus displayed to me on the Cross of Calvary.

    I admire you for your stand, don't get me wrong but I must go my way to be an effective Christian and a follower of Jesus. Christ Thankyou for the video. and God Bless.
  16. dusty,
    dont worry brother, no offence taken. I still do believe that we are saved if you confess with your mouth that jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that he rose from the dead that we a truly saved. But, i am calling on people to not just believe. believing is the first step. next we should follow. In my video I was pointing out that we have more believers than followers in this world today. We should be Disciples and follow. Jesus did some crazy radical things. We should do the same. I dont see much of that. the majority of Christians jsut go to church on Sunday and thats good for them. they dont change . they believe but dont follow. I think believing and following go hand in hand.
  17. Dusty is a lady but she'll understand~you are not the first who didn't realize it through a post~

    I think what stands out to me is that Believer is taking a stand on something that is very important. We have it very easy as Christ followers here in the west.
    We sit in cozy homes and read our Bibles, go to nice climate controlled churches and we don't HAVE to deal with much persecution. How easy it is to walk away from it and shut ourselves up, away from it all.
    NO, I am not judging anyone!
    I include myself in this scenario.
    What costs DO we pay to follow Christ?
    None that I can think of for myself.
    My point is, I found it very interesting to think of Christ's followers in The Bible days and even years after His death.
    Look how much sweat, tears, suffering, was endured of willingness out of love for Christ and spreading The Gospel.
    It really made me think~
    How do I go out of my way to follow Christ and spread the Gospel? What suffering do I willingly endure for Him?

  18. Yes Beleiver...I am glad that you didn't take offense as I was just trying to put my heart out there on the issue at hand cause you asked for opinions.. and Yes , I am a woman and it is not your fault that you didn't know that because I have been mistaken before. Not to worry. The main thing we are both on the same page as to how we love our Saviour and even if your approach is the not the same as mine for getting the gospel to a dying world that is ok because we are all individuals and God did not make us all the same ( Thank Goodness for that) plus God gave each of us a mandate to share and spread the gospel in unique and different ways and hey if your way is effective , who am I to knock it. If you are reaching the unsaved then that is what counts. You seem very passionate about what you are doing and I commend you for that. I am sorry if I came on a little strong.

    However, please just one thing that if I were you , I would not put other ministries into your video because you do not know how the Lord is blessing them by their particular way and that to me would be a deterrant to others that you are trying to reach as I don't think we should ever critisize other ministries. You can take what I said or leave it . It is your choice of course but I am a senior and have been around a little longer than you.

    I love your zeal for the Lord and I am sure that you have been called by the Lord to minister in this way. and yes of course I believe and follow and do get what you ar saying. God richly bless you my brother in your ministry,
    Love, a sister in Christ.

  19. Willow.... I have a niece that is gay, but I love her just the same and Jesus loves the sinner but not the sin. When she starts to talk about her lifestye.... I don't say too much untill I feel that the Lord wants me to and there was one time when she said to me :" I know I am going to Hell' so for obvious reasons that opened up the conversation. She was also brought up in a Christian home so I honestly know and believe in my heart that one day she will be gloriously delivered and her eyes will be opened and maybe God is preparing her for a ministry to the gay community and how else can she be effective than being in the lifestye.

    The best thing Willow is prayer and doing what you are doing loving the person and God will open the door for you to be a witness. I love my niece where she is at and she will always be my niece and she says I am her favourite aunt so to me that is the important part and God will do the rest.

    I never agreed with going and protesting and standing with placards.... that does not show our true love. I don't think Jesus would have done that either.
  20. i watched the video,first following jesus does cost will become last,downtrodden etc for your beliefs.but when you become last you will find a lot more friends in truth.he says a lot in the video of being radical?jesus is truth.:)

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