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  1. Bible Plan

    I need to read the Bible more and I keep not doing it consistently, any suggestions on how to schedule in time for the bible?Maybe some tapes or something that I can listen to while I do other things.
  2. There are a number of programs for reading through the Bible in one year, a quick Google search would probably come up with a few. I like to read while I'm having breakfast, so that's often a good time to get in a few chapters. I often keep my bible on the table next to where I eat so it's natural to sit down with my breakfast and open it up where I left off. If you have an MP3 player or some similar device, I bet some of the more technically aware members could direct you to sites where you could download Scripture to that device. If you're not too tired when you go to bed, that's another good time for Bible reading to wind down from the day and gives you something to contemplate as you're falling asleep. Tying Bible reading to a routine part of your life (such as eating breakfast or going to bed, as noted) makes it easier to develop the habit and discipline of daily reading.
  3. I am using a bibleplan I downloaded from the deliberatepeople website (found it through some videos of Phil Joel on youtube)
    And I keep it in a place in my room where I will see it everyday and then so it becomes a reminder to me to read today's sections
  4. I try to read the Bible when I have quiet time.

    If you use the internet a lot, you can keep up tabs (if you have that kind of web browser) on your window and reference to different scriptures while you work.

    I do a lot of multi-tasking, obviously. ;)


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