Autumn Warmth Potato Soup

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  1. Autumn Warmth Potato Soup

    A warm, delicious soup with potatoes and vegetables, seasoned to the nines...

    What you will need:
    1 Yukon Gold Potato
    1 Salad mix (Lettuce, carrots, etc.)
    1 Red onion
    Saffron (Because of saffron's exclusivity, if you are not able to find or purchase it, turmeric is a perfect substitute as it has a similar color and flavor)
    Garlic Powder
    Miso Paste
    Beef Seasoning

    1. Take 2 cups of water (or as much as needed) and pour into a large pot. Turn heat up high and begin to boil. Add salt and pepper.
    2. Get miso paste. You will need one tablespoon of miso. Place into water, stir.
    3. Slice potato into large rounds. Note: potato will naturally begin to soften and break apart in the soup, so you do not need to mince it. Take red onion, peel, and chop. You will only need half of one large red onion.
    4. Take salad mix and pour into soup with potatoes/onions. Use only half of it, or as much is needed depending on how much water you have used. Lettuce/cabbage will boil down.
    5. Still boiling, add around eight to ten tendrils of saffron to the soup. Do not overdose - it is extremely flavorful.
    6. Add paprika, garlic powder, beef seasoning, and rosemary. You will need 1 tea spoon of paprika and garlic powder, and a few leaves of rosemary. Add a pinch of beef seasoning for taste.
    7. Boil until seasonings and saffron have melded with the other ingredients, then simmer.
    8. Simmer for 10 - 20 minutes, or until potatoes are tender and begin to break up.
    9. Take off stove. Serve hot.

    Bon app├ętit!
  2. Bless your SOUL!!!!!!

    I have been trying to find a Potato Soup recipe for the longest time. I have tried a few that had ingredients that I did not like. I love soup and I love making them in the fall/winter.

    Perfect timing sister!!

  3. I'm glad you found something that you liked! Enjoy it!

  4. What's miso paste? Also, is Saffron like butter? I'm illiterate when it comes to seasonings. I do make a great potatoe soup, but it has less ingredients, and is easier.
  5. Miso is a Japanese soup base. You can use the paste, broth, etc.

  6. Saffron is a season. It looks like red very tiny sticks. It's a bit on the pricey side and also kinda hard to find. A little goes a very long way.

    NearertoGod, is there a substitution if Saffron cannot be found?
  7. I'm not sure. The saffron was the main part of the dish. Saffron has a unique flavor, so if you know how it tastes, and can find something similar, it could work...

  8. Saffron comes from the stigmas of the saffron crocus flower. It has a bitter, flower-like taste (if you have ever eaten edible flowers that's what it reminded me of).

  9. If you are not able to purchase saffron, buy turmeric. It has a similar flavor and coloring. I just remembered now.
  10. Thanx, girls. I live in a small rural community, and probably would not be able to get Saffron, or the other ingredient. But it sounded yummy.
  11. Actually turmeric would probably be more accessible.

  12. Yes, tumeric is available in most grocery stores.

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