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  1. Audicity

    Phil mentioned this program. I had it once and couldn't figure out how to use it LOL!
    OK now he can add to this :D
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  2. I'm not the greatest at figuring out tech stuff.

    Maybe since I'm not a geek! :smiley100:
  3. Oh yeah Audicity. My fiance had to tell me how it works. I kind of forgot most of how you work it but what I do know is that there is a little circle button and that is record. You press that to record yourself and then there is a pause button that looks like one VCR's, the two lines. That means pause. And then you have your green triangle button, that means play so you click that and can hear yourself sing. And there is a skip to end button. It's like a VCR hehe. The rest I kind of have no clue. Lol. Oh, there is another thing on it that shows your voice, the louder you sing or the louder it is, the higher the bar goes and there is a time thing on it too. That shows how long it is you are singing. That's about all I know.
  4. So basically, it's like a VCR. (Video cassette player. Before DVD's came out.) :)
  5. I used to have a musci program I used but when I got me new pc then I couldn't get it to work. So someone told me of this. I thought I looks sort of the same, but even tho I'd record on it and it appeared to be working, either it didn't work or for some reason I was not getting any play back, like nothing there.
  6. You also need a microphone.
  7. I got a mic I used it before on the old pc
  8. Oh... I don't know much about computers but maybe you can check your sound settings? Either that or the computer doesn't like you. :(
  9. I'm in the same boat. Don't know much about computers.

    Guess I'll try to get some help later, don't have alot of time now for that.
  10. Maybe it was a faulty download? If your itunes or youtube works then you can try downloading it again and see if that works.
  11. I guess I could do that when I decide to try it again. Thanks
  12. You're welcome.:)
  13. Hi, Troops -

    I use Audacity all the time for converting old 33-1/3 RPM vinyl records into digital format for archival in a safe CD or DVD medium.

    However, Audacity can also be used in a manner that may be of interest to you. I'm sure that you have seen the various "Ghost Adventures" and "Ghost Hunters" paranormal investigations TV series. They use high quality Digital Voice Recorders, such as the Olympus VN-5200PC, where many sounds can be recorded that are way outside the hearing range of humans. Using the frequency filtering in Audacity, those sounds can be cleaned up and background noise eliminated, so as to be able to hear things that would ordinarily be lost. If you watch the series "Ghost Hunters" or "Ghost Hunters International" you will see Audacity being used during the "analysis" portion of the program as well as Audacity being shown on the laptops during the investigation outcome discussions with the property owners who requested the paranormal investigations.

    We all know that 'spirits' are in a different dimension that we are in, but the high quality Digital Voice Recorders can capture those voices and sounds ( called Electronic Voice Phenomena ) and Audacity can process that recorded data into a usable, recognizable pattern. I have seen it done locally and it is quite interesting to say the least.

  14. They say that animals can see and hear things we humans cannot. Like angels and such. That could be because of our downfall of sin. Adam and eve used to walk by faith so they could see God I think. Now upon sinning, they became blinded and cut off from God.

    Now I think animals (much like the camel that God commanded to speak, the camel that saw the angel) since animals do not sin, satan cannot reach them or tempt them, animals i think can see things we cannot see like angels and hear those sounds of them you are talking about from audicity. I bet if a dog was aloud in church, he'd go nuts! I know angels are in church but we can't see them. I don't think we should look for those sounds though, like they do on those shows.

    And I do have a question... Would God allow us to hear those sounds using audicity? It seems strange being able to hear the sounds of angels and demons... (I try not to say demons because I hate them! my fiance was possessed and the stupid thing spoke to me through her and stared at me. Freaky...)

  15. Phil - I personally have no problem with using technical tools, such as precision wide-band recorders, to increase knowledge.

    Knowledge produces wisdom, wisdom produces understanding and understanding allows us all to be better Christians and to better serve God by teaching the Gospel to others in an educated manner.

    When we use technical tools to reinforce what is contained in Scripture, it just heightens our understanding, our Belief and our Faith. If we hear a spirit voice by way of technical means, remember that God gave us the mental abilities to invent these tech items. Look at where we would be without technical advances in medicine over the past 200 years, for instance.

    While I will not personally go out deliberately to search for spirits or entities, if one is present on one of my Chapel properties, I want to know about it and whether it is evil or good. If it is evil, please remember that God gave us Believers power over all evil in Christ's name. The removal of evil spirits from individuals (exorcisms) by Jesus Christ and those to whom he has delegated this authority is well documented throughout the New Testament. These examples can be seen in Matthew 17:14-18 (KJV); Mark 16:17-19 (KJV); and Luke 10:17-19 (KJV) especially verse 19. It is also very clear that, unless a person is authorized to remove evil spirits, they place themselves in danger if they attempt to do so, as read in Acts 19:13-16 (KJV). That series of verses in Acts 19 (KJV) clearly shows that the person that was doing the removal was not a believer, but used Christ's name without authority. Believers, on the other hand, have power in the name of Christ because of His sacrifice for us all on the Cross, and can order evil away in His name.

  16. Yeah... I know what you are saying. What I don't think is good would be to continually watch those programs and look for spirits. That would be entertaining the devil and you don't want to do that. I don't think it is good to look for spirits just because it may be neat to do... Or for curiosity sake. As believers we can do it in order to get rid of them though but a lot of people watching those shows about spirits... To entertain their curiosity. The term curiosity killed the cat is actually very very true. My fiance, when she was younger, her and her friend tried a wiji board for the sake of curiosity and after that day, she felt someone in her house from that day forward. They entertained the devil. And the outcome wasn't good... So we must not focus on the things of the devil unless it's for the reason of getting rid of demons from people through exorcism or prayer.

    I don't like those shows about spirits because it deceives people and can cause them harm. And then they get all this interest in spirits and start wanting to find spirits and that's where the devil can get to them. They get interest in demons and it opens doors that should not be opened.
  17. Exactly, Phil ... but don't forget that there are good spirits as well. The spirit of Jesus Christ resides in all Believers and I chat with God through Him each day in Prayer. :)

  18. Yes there are good spirits like angels but we shouldn't focus on those either. That can make God jealous.
    I think we should put our attention to Christ as those other spirits both of good and of evil, worrying about them and seeking them out doesn't change anything and we don't want to make God jealous by focusing on them rather than Jesus Christ.
  19. Amen, brother...
  20. I agree its not too good to watch things like that. I don't watch anything about any ghosts or spirits except the Holy Spirit, Christian shows. Otherwise like you said, it can sure open the door to lots of trouble!

    It is interesting about how they believe they can capture this though, seeing spirits are in a different realm . But how a instrument could capture the voices of the spiritual realm is beyond me and makes me wonder if they just opened themselves to the spirit realm and are hearing familiar spirit, which we are to avoid.

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