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  1. Greetings:

    Associate words for Dove:dolly,heavenly,hansom,beauty,petite,softly,shapely.
    If you want to spell Shalom(1,2,3,4,5,6):...dol4y,he3venly,hans56,be3uty,1oftly,s2apely.
    Petite doesn't make the cut.

    My kids dollies were:blanket,rabbit.

  2. Hello krossquad;

    I'm intrigued but am slow trying to figure this out. lol!

    Can you give me a hint, please? Why won't petite work?

    God bless you and your children!
  3. Greetings:

    If a word doesn't line up in an alphabetically position- wise conditionally with Shalom,it's not associative.
    Jesus said he was going to give us peace,not as the world gives.As,wif(4e) with lif(4e).As husb(5a)nd with

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