Are There Enough Christians Who Care About Evangelism?

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Is Evangelism enough of a HOT topic to warrant an entire website forum dedicated to it?

  1. No, sadly I don't think it would get many people visiting it.

  2. Yes, I think there are enough online Christians who are passionate about evangelim

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  3. I am not sure but I would definitely visit a site like that!

  4. What is the point, there are evangelism sections on most Christian Forums

  5. Who Cares

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  6. Blah

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  1. I like seeking Gods will and walking in faith and sensitivity to the promptings Holy Spirit but am also aware that biblical obedience should not be dependent on needing to feel the Holy Spirit prompting you. Should we only pray if we feel the Holy Spirit telling us to do so? What about reading the Bible or helping widows and orphans? What about the great commission? No. Some actions require auctioning because we have been clearly told to do so in His word. Specific opportunities and the method of approach does require sensitivity and many times the leading of the Holy Spirit but if we make ourselves available in obedience, the Holy Spirit will be there with us leading us along the way.
  2. One doesn't need to "hear" a voice to preach the gospel to the lost, brother. That's only one more in a whole long line of excuses Christians use for resting in pews and metal folding chairs as they listen to endless hours of the same rehash. It's time to go into all the world and preach the gospel. That is the primary work of the Holy Spirit, not socializing week in and week out, fellowshipping ad nauseum. BTW, who have you led to the Lord through your preferred approach over the past five years?
  3. It sounds like you two skimmed through my post :oops:.

    Talking to God for a split second in your head is prayer. The Holy Spirit doesn't have to do anything.
    No doubt, helping orphans, elderly and widows is Christianity un-defiled.
    I fully agree with the great commission, but the issue is, who is doing the leading? Me or God? God leads our footsteps. I am not at my current workplace by chance. My current workplace is my mission field. God gets 100% of my time. I walk and talk to Him all day long. God brings many my way who need help and I help as I can. But at the same time I acknowledge that I have responsibilities in the form of a wife, blood family and fellow Christians. It is more important for us to be there for fellow Christians. My evenings and weekends are spent with them! Proposing that I am out of God's will because I don't give my weekends or evenings to '''reaching the lost'' is silly. I would be in bigger trouble for neglecting my wife, kids and Christian family!

    It seems like you are implying preaching to the lost should take precedence...over quality time with family?....over helping / restoring and fellowship with fellow saints....? I couldn't disagree more with you. Perhaps you were in the pew and quite correctly now feel the need to get involved. I am fully supportive of that notion but just remember there is a time for everything.

    Why say this? Is keeping tabs of souls saved the only fruit / indicator of judging someones Christianity? I can say with absolute certainty that neither you or I have lead anyone to the Lord. It is the work of the Holy Spirit. We give our contributions to toiling the soil and the Holy Spirit uses what He can. Recall Jesus asking Peter who He was? "flesh and blood cannot reveal Jesus to us, ONLY the Father in heaven''. God will be sad / disappointed with us if we are not faithful with what He has entrusted us with but don't for one second think or imply that we will be to blame for anyone going to hell!

    Conclusion...Knowing 1) we are in Christ and then 2) having faithfulness / being a good ambassador where He places us are important. Our 'hit rate' is not and merely shows we are bordering on carnal Christianity.
  4. KingJ, it seems there is no time for you to go into the streets to witness. (no offense meant). I've been doing it since I was saved in 1972. It is always the right time to share Christ, ALWAYS.
  5. A real conversation starter in the circles I frequent is my observance of being kosher. Let me tell you, that has been a real conversation starter. Not to mention the fact my mother in law calls me Jew boy now. I find it hilarious, but it has allowed me to talk about becoming saved and several follow up conversations have been initiated by others. Sooooooooo... go kosher, people can't resist to ask why.
  6. ''It is always the right time to share Christ, ALWAYS'' I agree! :)
    ''no time for you to go into the streets to witness.'' Nope. But if God called me, I would make time.
    ''ive been doing it since I was saved in 1972'' :) At least you and God know where best to use you.
  7. Barna Research did a study in 1998 where it asked what is most important to you as a churchgoer. This is what they got: 47% - Good Worship 38% - Help me Grow 23% - Be There for Me 3.5% Evangelism

    To do evangelism was the last commandment given by Jesus. I am passionate about evangelism and believe that it is a #1 priority for the church.

    I guess my answer to the original post is, a forum on evangelism is needed, though I'm not sure how much interest it will get.
  8. To whom much is given, much is required. Those who haven't received much, don't have much to give. To get that "much" demands one truly prepare, and not merely by reading the Word. For what is needed goes far beyond an assembly's pet doctrines.

    There are enough approaches to evangelism to fill a tome -- everything from casual discussion to street evangelism, to the inclusion of Scripture in a school assignment.

    I find it to be a very sad comment on the state of the church, it's lack of evangelism. There is little to no enthusiam for it, as well as a lot of teachings that stifle the desire for it. Foremost may be the insistence by pastors and teachers who claim it is better to let one's life be an example, not their words -- that one must not approach the unsaved, but rather wait for the day when someone, out of the blue, asks of them the reason of the hope that's in them.

    Such teachings have made the church extremely lazy and ill-prepared. In fact, the church, generally, has very poor knowledge of apologetics, as well as the willingness and ability to insert what it is the members do know.
  9. This is the way I see it.

    The church today has become an organisation (I am seriously generalising here) which is a "feed me" organisation. People come to church to get fed, they come to recieve, they come to feel loved, they come to be told their salvation is secure. People need to step out and become givers - we need to give of our time, resources and gifts. If people want to see the gifts of the Spirit in operation, step out and evangelize the lost.

    We need to realise that once we have given our lives to Jesus, it means we LOVE others and preach the gospel. LOVING others is not just fellowshipping with believers but getting out there and reaching the lost.

    The GREAT COMMISSION was a command, not a suggestion.
  10. When we try to evangelise in our own effort, it is our pride.

    Sure many Christians need to evangelise more, but many are not true Christians. True Christians understand that we are on this earth solely to evangelise and grow. Which is why true Christians dont need to be told or muster up anything to evangelise, it will come naturally.....

    A true Christian's steps are pre-ordered by God! True Christians ARE where God wants them!

    I get annoyed when Christians get pipe dreams or are told be a 'greater' Christian by evangelising to 1000's of lost and not just the 5 at work....pride = satanism.

    If you are a true Christian and God wants you on the streets, great! do well at it! But that is not what God has called me and many others to do.
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  11. I think clarity would be of benefit in attracting more attention. The Bible makes clear that not all are evangelists, but we are all called to be faithful witnesses.
  12. Yay and evangelism forum site ^^ I really need help w/ this... Im bold enough to walk up to people and tell em abt willing (thnks to the HS) but sometimes I think my approach s too forward, or not not sure ...not many churches teach you how to tell people abt Christ, nor do they provide you w/ helpful tools and tips ..most just want bench warmer christians...or just members im thankful for your new site and will try to check it out soon. :)
  13. Yay and evangelism forum site ^^ I really need help w/ this... Im bold enough to walk up to people and tell em abt willing (thnks to the HS) but sometimes I think my approach s too forward, or not not sure ...not many churches teach you how to tell people abt Christ, nor do they provide you w/ helpful tools and tips ..most just want bench warmer christians...or just members im thankful for your new site and will try to check it out soon. :)
  14. The best thing you can do is be the example -dump the worldly baggage and BE a Christian - a doer of the Word- dump the baggage 'remove the plank from your own eye'....

    Be different, separated, an ambassador of Christ...
  15. From my own experience, I am very interested in evangelism. A Forum would allow me to exchange ideas and resources and possibly network, great idea. However, I am very disappointed at the lack of response from Christians when invited to outreach events - people in our community come out in force, hear the gospel but the very few Church people there is a disappointment. We did a Messy Church and 150 people came (not Christians but unsaved) and there were perhaps 6 Church people there

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