Aquariums anyone?

Discussion in 'Home and Garden' started by Boanerges(Inactive), Aug 27, 2007.

  1. Aquariums anyone?

    I have been into aquariums since I was 13 and I was wondering if there are any other enthusiasts here. I currently have a 55 gallon salt water tank with a few live corals in it and I am going to start with some fish when I get a few $ :D
  2. No, so I can't offer any advice or input....
    I did want to tell you about a hospital I was at onee though. In the witing room of the emergency department, They had a wall that was an aquarium, on both sides, of course~
    It was awesome!

  3. Those are cool but a little hard to work on :D
  4. daughter's ex boyfriend put one your size in a hole he made in the wall...I never got to see it but heard it was beautiful!
    It's like me wanting a fireplace you can see from 2 rooms.
    Aquariums are so peaceful, especially at night but I would have to hire someone to clean mine! :rolleyes:
  5. Yes, I have a 55 gallon fresh water tank with 4 Bala Sharks, a Red Tail Shark, 3 large Angel Fish, a Beta, and a few Orange Tetras.

    I have had this tank for many years with different combinations of fish, but have not yet tried salt water. I am afraid I will not get the balance right, and kill all the expensive salt water fish :(.

    I enjoy it very much. At times I will just sit on the couch and gaze at their world. We have the tank near the fireplace in our family room so we can enjoy it daily.

  6. Saltwater takes time, patience and $ relative to freshwater but isn't to bad once you figure it out. I have had fresh water tanks most of my life- I have always loved the colors and variety in the chichlids but they are some agressive little suckers.
  7. Yes, the cichlids are very aggressive from what I have heard (my brother in law used to have them). I try to keep mine a community tank with semi-aggressive or less. The Red Tail Shark is my only "semi" at the moment. He shows it often by chasing the Bala sharks around the tank. He never harms them though, just chases.

  8. I have never had a tank were there wasn't at least one bully- not to different from people in some ways- LOL!
  9. You lucky so and so!
    Can you share any pictures of your tank ?
    I absolutely love sealife, especially the salt water range.
    Its one of my goals to work towards is to get a marine reef setup.
    I have a freshwater tank currently.
  10. I had a 10 gallon when I was in high school, had to give it all away when I joined the USMC since my parents & brothers weren't gonna keep it (that was over 25 years ago).

    My oldest got 3 little goldfish at a sleep over, and instead of a fishbowl I got a 2.5 gallon tank, a filter, and stuff and set up a small one last month. One of them died, and I got an algae eater & cory cat to take their place. They're all small, but they are fun to watch, and have interesting personalities.

    I put some bottomfeeder food in but the goldfish dive down and fight with the cory over it, no one is starving though and they are quite active, seem to enjoy their home.
  11. Dear Boanerges,

    May God be with you!

    My Mom kept freshwater fish. So I've had some fish too. Now it's been awhile (haven't had a tank since I've had my girls) but I had a 35 gallon Hex with a variety of freshwater fish. My angelfish actually mated then ate the eggs but it was fun to watch for awhile. I also had a 10 gallon for my Beta so he could make his nest. Never did get live babies but he liked being petted and hand fed. I also kept a small hospital tank (5 gal) for those fish with ick or what ever.

    I hope to have fish again, but my 20 gallon tank now holds my daughters gerbils!

    God bless you!
  12. Raising small fry can be challenging- both the human and the fish kind- LOL!:D
  13. I currently have a 10 gallon aquarium with 10 guppies (I think), an algae eater, and a Texas Map Turtle.
  14. That sounds nice- I take it the turtle doesn't like the taste of guppies- LOL!
  15. On occasion I think he snacks on one. That is why I think we have 10 now. :p We had 13, but 3 have disappeared. It is very slow, so if he is eating them it is maybe once every couple of weeks.

    There is actually a good Christian analogy we can learn from the turtle and the guppies. These guppies often become complacent. After a time they stop worrying about the turtle and they will even be so bold as to eat right next to him and one will even eat from his mouth. And then one disappears. After that, for the next several nights, when the lights go out they suddenly begin to school together and keep close watch on him. That is why I think he is eating them. Suddenly they become worried. But they forget and stop keeping watch again until one disappears again.

    As Christians we get that way. We forget about evil and that danger is out there. We may even eat from danger's mouth. But then something happens (like the turtle eating a guppy), and it makes us aware that we need to be always on guard. The danger is always out there. We need to stop forgetting about it and keep always alert or else we might be the next guppy eaten. :fish:
  16. We had two tanks before we moved from Arizona, a 29 and 55 gallon. We had to give them away at the last minute as they would not safely fit in our moving truck :( We have a fish pond now but I still really miss my tanks.
  17. I can sympathize. Once you have a nice tank you do not like to go without one. I call it therapy to sit and watch the critters swimming around.
  18. Our pond is not the same as our tanks were. Its in full sun so it gets full of algee. We didn't build it, the previous home owners did and they did not put a filtration system in it. I bought a filter for it when we moved in, but it needs a UV filter. I can't even tell if the fish are still in there :(
  19. You need fish that like to eat algae!:)
  20. I'm having algae problems right now also. I've upgraded to a 55 gallon since I last posted about mine. I have an algae eater and it's not helping.:( I've been planning on buying more. I wish the algae eaters would filter the algae from the water rather than only eating it after it lands. Is there any type of fish that filter feeds on the algae?

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