Any guitar players here?

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  1. I haven't played in going on 26 years but have recently been encouraged to pick it up again. I was approached by the drummer of our praise band at church and he heard I use to play guitar (I never told anyone at church that) and wondered if I would like to pick it up again. He invited me to practice with his band (they would teach me the songs) and in a few months or so when I felt comfortable that maybe I would like to play in church. The offer kind of blew me away. My wife and children are encouraging me to do this (my wife has been trying to get me to pick up my guitar again for quite some time now anyway) and I have decided I will. My first practice will be a week from Saturday so pray for me. Looks like I'm picking up an new/old hobby lol.
  2. Good luck...I'm sure you'll do well.
    I cannot play the guitar; to be honest I can't play any musical instrument apart from the keyboard with much conviction.
    Good bless your fingers in strumming some excellent music. :)
  3. Thank you. I never believed in luck but I may need it. The first practice is today at 3.
  4. Good luck brother. Let Jesus fill you and before you know it you'll be belting them songs out on the guitar.
  5. Thanks again. Just pray for me and I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. I'm praying for you as we speak. (y)
  7. I fake it ....... I have 5 guitars in my house and have not been playing for years till recently.... I had a brain injury on 05 and have not been able. But due to a niece and her interest in playing I have been spending a little time with it. Brother I pray the Lord gives you direction with it that will bring Him glory

  8. Thank you all for the encouragement. I made a mistake in the post though it was this Saturday (last night) not a week from...sorry about that. I had a good time at but was a bit overwhelmed. I think a few months for being ready to play with the praise band at church may be a bit ambitious I will need a bit longer than that I believe but with God all things are possible and if that is where he wants me to be then that is where I will be.
  9. Good for you, BountyHunter. God's music is a joy that enriches both players and listeners.

    I have been a bass guitarist since 1963 and have been associated with many bands over the years - playing just about every popular genre that has existed over the past 52 years. My favorite axxes are from Fender, Ibanez and Schecter and my amplification is from Fender and Peavey. My current stage stack has 1600 watts of output and I have yet to have to plug into a mixer board to go into a venue PA system... YES, I am heard over the drummer !!

    I'm currently the bassist for the southern Christian band called Rockin' The Ages from southern Mississippi and Alabama. It's an amazing scene to have audiences attending our entirely free concerts and to have them dancing in the aisles and singing along. Keep up the music endeavor, BountyHunter, and you will have a warm feeling in your heart whenever you play in the Praise Band... but practice, practice, practice... (y)
  10. Hope it goes well for you.

    I think this time I'll say I'm mostly a 3 chord thrasher on guitar - folk stuff, Clancy Brothers, Dubliners, etc. I sort of got drawn more towards other instruments and in terms of what I can play, I'm most comfortable with GDAE tuned things (eg. mandolin and tenor banjo) playing Irish jigs and reels in instrumental sessions.

    I did try to restart guitar a year or probably more ago but keep coming back to the dance tunes and really struggle with them on guitar. A couple of songs where I want to also do the dance tune on guitar (probably both given by me before but...) are some version of Ballad of St Annes's reel:

    And A Man Is In Love complete with Calliope House (it's a tune written by Dave Richardson of Boys of The Lough but it sort of became a session tune everyone knows) at the end.

    Best I'm managing with both is about a 75% relability. Sometimes it works but more often than not I fluff them, particularly when changing from chords to melody...

    I had btw considered a change of direction myself. Last June/ August a church near me sort of restarted and they used to have a group that I thought I'd be able to join in with if they restarted. Other life and family illnessess have got in the way since then though. Still, I've not abandoned the idea.
  11. I actually just purchased a guitar. Started to teach myself and it isn't that easy lol
  12. I use to play guitar professionally many years ago, and then received Jesus as my savior, and then I started playing guitar at my local Church. Later after getting married and having three sons, the Lord spoke to me while my kids were still infants and he said to me, "here is your band". I would lay my guitar across their legs, and they would drool on them. Eventually as they grew I taught them every thing I knew on guitar. As they got older we started a Christian band, and my oldest son wrote all of our songs. We started playing music in bars and night clubs, and every body liked the music we played even though it was all Christian music.
    What a blessing it is to use a talent the Lord has given you and to use it for his Glory, and to see the Lord use your own children along with yourself proclaiming the Gospel through song. What ever talent the Lord has given you, give it to him and he will bless you through what he has given you to bless others.
  13. I'm a little late here, but how is it going?
    I play a little, write a little. In almost two weeks I am playing all the songs for our congregation on guitar while the regular pianist is away on vacation. It is amazing how God can use you through music, so I encourage you to continue.
    Bless ya

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