any good books for guys?

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  1. any good books for guys?

    my brother is currently in a relationship, i'm not sure what religion the girl is. i do hope she's christian, fully in love with God. anyway my brother's birthday is coming up, and i'm thinking of getting him a book about christian dating. any suggestions? i also want the book to cover topics on dealing with lust and sex.

  2. How old is your brother? Is he likely to get serious about marriage any time soon? I know some good books, but I'm not sure they are quite what you're looking for.
  3. hi! he will be graduating college in a few months. has part time jobs. he's 22 as of the moment
  4. My friend got me the bible on audio CD. It's great! Now I can do other things while listening, and all of the answers are in there.:)

    Chapter-by-Chapter, Verse-by-Verse.:p
  5. Wild at Heart
    of A MAN’S SOUL
    By John Eldredge

    I have it, but haven’t started reading it yet. It was recommended to me by my Pastor and a woman involved in another ministry. She said it is good for a man but also good for a woman to read.

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