Anxiety of a Worry-some Heart

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  1. Lately, I've been troubled and overwhelmed with worry and anxiousness. Worrying about obtaining a job and anxious about people liking me. I like to think of myself a strong woman, one who constantly learns and gives honest opinions. When it comes a time for me to socialize with others, I fall apart. The very strong point I uphold when I am alone, sitting in front of this computer or at home talking with family, seems to depart. It's like I press reset and start again where people are going to like me. I've even asked myself, why is it so important for me to be liked? One part of me says I don't care, but another, more loud part of me says for friends. It scares me how much I loose myself to people, it's like I'm not me anymore and will let them mold me instead of God....

    Two days ago was the worst in a long time. My heart was pounding and I was filled with anxiety and worry. Enough was enough, so I grabbed my iPod and read a few chapters of the Bible and just talked to God. So instantly my troubles were gone. Completely gone. My heart beat that steady healthy pace and I was filled with peace.

    This morning I left for an interview feeling very much at peace as I read the Bible to and from the interview. Normally I would worry and constantly be going through what questions I have for him/her. It's not that I didn't care about the interview, I really did, I just didn't obsess over it this time. I think I've accepted and submitted to His will for what He has planned for me.

    Thank you for reading,


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  2. What a wonderful blessing Sister! I'm so thankful God gave you peace after your interview. Knowing that we can have such peace from Christ is one of the most amazing blessings, I personally think!

    Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid. (John 14:27)

    My priest reminds us that we can have Jesus' peace every Sunday at Mass--- while I know it comes from the lips of my priest, my soul hears it as if Jesus Christ His very self was saying it. I keep that Bible verse very close to my heart when I am troubled. Jesus Christ truly wants us to know peace-- through the good parts and the bad parts of life.

    I am currently reading through a book by Beth Moore about what the Bible has to say about strongholds--- things that keep us away from Christ. The book is called "Praying God's Word" ( I'm currently reading through the chapters about times when I don't feel loved by people in my life and food strongholds. Its a wonderful piece of treasure to have when Satan is trying to make you feel poorly about yourself.
  3. Thank you for the lovely verse! I think it's time for a new banner :D And thanks for the link on Beth Moore's book. She's a really deep thinker. I'll take a better look at it when I have money to spend :rolleyes: *sigh* lol!
    For now, I will keep reading His book. Maybe I can find something free somewhere in the web.
  4. DUDE i feel the same way! I felt like I could have wrote that myself!... Today I asked do I shed my "shell" since its so difficult to do... you know what he said. He said he'll do it through his spirit! isn't that awesome ! and I believe he'll do the same thing for you too. remeber where we are weak God is strong. :) also don't worry there are lots of people like you... you aren't alone... I know how you feel.... he'll crack you shell through his spirit ^-^ and this is coming from a girl who sat in the bathroom and library for lunch during HS :p so don't worry.
  5. Hi Christine, that was an awesome post! It's so easy to let ourselves become overwhelmed by our fears and doubts and become paralysed with worry. Yes, friends are important but is someone who won't accept you just as you are truly a friend? You are a wonderful, beautiful child of God, rejoice in that knowledge! I love how when you were becoming so nervous you went to the Bible and let His word fill you with calmness. And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to [his] purpose. (Romans 8:28) Be confident in our Lord!
    God Bless
  6. Thanks guys for reading and posting :)
    I've found an unexpected and immediate calm within me when I was having those troubling times.

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