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    So their is this member on another forum. He makes such rude cruel comments, but he thinks he is justified to do so. Its a Christian forum, like this one. But we allow non-christians to get into the mix. Any time he disagrees with an athiest or non-christian he makes comments "You're not Christian, so you can shut up" or "I'm sorry, but I don't listen to the opinions of atheisits"

    I see this as a TERRIBLE thing. Obviosuly these non-Christians are on a Christian forum because they're looking for something. This guy is showing the exact oposite idea of what a Christian should be. He's not showing Christs love, and I'm willing to be hes made at least 10 people who were not Christian leave that forum and never come back. That could have been their first and only real interaction with a Christian community, and if I were an outsider, my thoughts would be "if thats what being a Christian is about, I want no part in it"

    He's even attacks fellow Christians, to the point of saying "if thats what you think, God isn't in you" and other ideas like that. It drives me crazy. I want to snap. He's TURNING PEOPLE AWAY FROM CHRIST.... and the worst part of it all. He thinks what he is doing is FINE.

    He's really good at quoting scripture, but he takes things out of context. He made a topic about depression, and he attacked anyone who said the medication or counceling is needed. He said God is all you need, and if you're still depressed that you're not Christain. I've never felt such anger towards someone. I send him an e-mail telling him that as a Christian, we should show the same love Jesus did, because Jesus showed his love to nonbelievers, and thats how he converted them. Then he goes and attacks me for my lifestyle and attacks me about my sins (obviously I know I'm not perfect, aparently he thinks he is)

    What can I say to someone like this? I really want them to change their attitude, becuase it stinks.
  2. It's really hard to deal with Christians who refuse to act like Christians. What do the moderators say about the situation? Is it unmoderated? I'm surprised that ANY forum allows these types of rude exchanges, let alone a Christian forum.

    Btw, not all those that come to Christian forums are seeking. Some come to mock what they don't understand. Others are wolves in sheep's clothing. I do not know your "friend", but he could fall in any of those categories as well.

  3. It sounds from your description that this person isn't interested in your thoughts or opinions.
    It's unfortunate, but you probably can't say anything to them. Pray for them. Let God handle it.

    Don't forget that God's concern for people is greater than ours.
    Always act out of love.
  4. maybe he is influenced by the evil one ,point out to him he isn,t behaving like a christian.:jesus-sign:
  5. If he is causing that much trouble and offending all the other members he needs to be straightened up or kicked out- our personal freedoms end when they encroach on the rights of others.
  6. I heartily agree...

    If a man follows Christ, then no man's opinion is going to matter against him because the truth follows him wherever he might go.

    But if a man wants Christ to follow him, there's going to be anger in that person's heart when he doesn't get his way.

    Reading the bible and memorizing the passages word-for-word is a good thing to do. But if I secretly store those passages away for use as weapons against other people who don't agree with me, then I'm turning something beautiful into a reason to begin an argument; hate and anger.

    I believe the bible is there for me. Sure, I have to read it and learn the passages...but I have to also put those words into practice in my life, heart, body, mind and soul.

    You can tell when someone achieves this, because their little light is shining. :cool: You feel drawn to those people because they have God in their hearts.

    Pray for the guy! Go into your closet and pray and rejoice that this man is there for you to see what can happen when a man learns the words but doesn't do the dance.:dance:
  7. agreed, that man has to learn how to have patience, just as our Heavenly Father is patient with us.
  8. Personally, I'd call the out on his actions, for two reasons. First, he is driving away those seeking. Why would they be attraced to Christ if his behavior is the result? He is hurting the ministry of Christ and needs to be corrected.

    Second, you need to stand up and show what a true Christian looks like...and that includes rebuking other believers in love. I'm not recommending just telling the guy to quit, but to quote scripture and condemn his actions. If his behavior is driving people away, then your behavior of Godly reighteousness can at least counter that a little.

    I suspect this guy is like a bully. If you rebuke him a few times, he'll probably just go away.
  9. I'm guessing this person's username starts with W, ends with a fish name and his posts are almost always in really big type!

    That person has had some difficulties in his life and is currently experiencing some difficulties. His posts have always been controversial and potentially harmful. He has spent some enforced time on the sidelines in the past and is probably going that way again soon. I know that I have reported his posts more than once and won't hesitate to do it again.

    Hang in there and do what needs to be done. Remember, you won't win an argument with someone like that and debate isn't allowed in many of those threads so stick to the original post and just tell the truth.

    Spearfish, SD
  10. Even Satan can quote scripture, but I do not believe who speaks on behalf of Jesus. I would agree with Bassmasa. Do it with love of Christ. Show him with scripture that what he is doing is doing more harm than good. Like you said some of these non-believers will judge Christianity by the Fruit of the professed "Christian" and it can either be Good Fruit or Bad Fruit. As it was posted earlier, if it is bad Fruit it will drive them away. We are told to spread His Word and His message of an eternal life in Heaven not to play Judge and Jury of another's soul this is already in very capable hands. So just point out in a loving way that we are suppose to plant the good seed and leave the weeds and thorns to Satan.
  11. I came from a Christian Forum where the monitoring was poor and even when I complained to the moderator, they didn't even have the courtesy to respond to my complaint. There was this one person who was always critizing my posts and calling me self righteous which really hurt me She attacked others on the forum as well and they also complained till it got so out of hand that the moderators shut the whole discussion side down and banned a lot of people. I was not banned , just for the record. I actually left just before everything exploded because I was insulted so much.If I ever told you the forum , you would be very surprised. But I will not.

    On that forum , they allowed any one to come and there were some gays that we were witnessing to but it was allowed for over 53 pages just to them. IMO , I think it should have been squashed as they had no intention of conversion and were there to spread their agenda. That is just some of what I experienced on my first time posting on a christian forum.

    I said all that to say this. Everyone who is here on this forum should thank the moderators from time to time cause it is a thankless job. These moderators here are special and also very caring , understanding people who love the Lord. I am especially happy to be here and to see the love that eminates from each and every person is just amazing

    God bless you all and we will continue to respect others and share the love of Jesus.
  12. We love you too Dusty!
  13. And I love all you guys ""MORE"":heart::heart:
  14. Some people are more interested in feeling that they're "right" than actually living as a Christian. I've dealt with many of these types in my upbringing, and it's difficult. The only things you can really do is to be a good example, rebuke mildly and wisely, and pray for them.
  15. It saddens me that some 'believers' preach yet do not practice.

    Why, Jesus himself said that if we are His followers, we will do exactly as He Himself had done, and more.

    And what did Jesus do? He showed kindness and compassion to even those that did not believe in him.

    As we should.
  16. I totally agree that the moderators/helpers here are very special. They almost run the whole site without my help. And yet I get a lot of thankyous from members which in reality I don't deserve. :D:D:D

    Thank you mods and Thank you members
    and OF COURSE THANK YOU JESUS! :pray::pray::pray:

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