Anointing Oil - What Do We Believe?

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  1. I was told that it is very good to anoint everything with anointing oil and prayer; my family, my house, my car, etc.. Are you guys doing this? Is this biblical?
  2. I don't know but I feel like anointing oils are pretty New Age type... Or am I wrong?
  3. Hello friend, just about signing off for the night, 10pm here in Scotland. I've personally only annointed with oil whilst laying hands on for healing as seen in others do before me which would mirror that of James' instructions for the Elders, so I'm not sure I'd go in for annointing everything. I would certainly annoint with oil if it was a dedication (not baptism) of a baby but the oil tends to be more of a symbolic action than anything else.
  4. From what (little) I know of Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox practices, holy oil is used for Baptism, Chrismation, exorcism, Last Rites, and occasionally for healing.
  5. This person told me everything that he has anointed with oil God has blessed every time. Now I'm curious to ask them what bible verses are they basing it on to anoint everything.

    I guess my first question is what exactly is this oil suppose to be doing? Is it like holy water where some believe it makes demonic forces go away? So the scripture that does mention it doing healing, would it be because the oil helps battle demonic forces? And in that case using it to bless a house and whatever else could be a good thing?
  6. Ask him where I can get a bottle of that oil.
  7. The oil has always been symbolic of the Holy Spirit and as I'm sure you know, no man nor oil has the power to heal, it's merely symbolic in the situation. I believe scripture has far too many accounts of healing and casting out unclean spirits without the use of oil and no real teaching in the NT for it. I would say though that Christians are free people and at diiferent stages of their Christian walk so if they feel they wish to annoint everything in oil, it can't hurt to do so, as long as it didn't become extreme....
  8. Believe it not you can get it mail order these days from any good Catholic outlet! We just use blessed vegatable oil....
  9. A little story I can't help but to share. There was a young congregation member and he was what you'd term an adult with learning problems, an absolute diamond of a guy. He'd seen the annointing of oil one day for healing and at the time a family member was in hospital sick so, he got a cup of oil, went to the hospital and poured the cup of oil all over his family member and you know what, she sat up and was completely healed from head to two. Proof we can't put God in a box....
  10. I see that stuff at every Christian store.
  11. This is kind of what I was thinking. I only could think of the reference in book of james, and instead of researching it more I thought I would just post here.
  12. Very true. We should never underestimate what God can do. I think in your story one of the main reasons the guy was healed is because the young man had so much faith.
  13. I think so too and I'd say the simplest of faiths, not much deliberation or prayer, he just saw God and heal and followed the example....wish my faith was simpler....
  14. Faith like a child.
  15. Hey this is not a matter of represents the "oil of gladness" we have in the Victory of Christ. These symbols are symbolic of Christ...and applied in faith they represent "Christ" the "anointed" One...
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  16. I take it very similar to water baptism.. The same way, the ritual itself does not have any bearing on a person.. However, it is symbolic how we are being cleansed and being filled with Holy Spirit.. Same way, the anointing oil is a symbol.. Usage of anointing oil is very common in OT.. We see James mentioning that in NT.. We do that in our Church.. I do that in my home also.. When my kid feels sick or my wife or myself.. We just use regular oil, pray with it and use it to anoint the other person.. Not that oil has power.. But with faith that same way we apply oil, God will pour out His Spirit on the person to bring about healing, deliverance, comfort, peace, etc.. It is a good practice as long as our heart is in the right place :)
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