America's Judgement

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  1. Warnings and signs unknown or ignored...

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  2. Cant watch the video, but i have encountered a website that you may be interested in. Its called

  3. Yep, I have many books from them...

    here's the vid's url:
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    Thanks for the link! Surely appreciate it. :)
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  5. Gods' patients is running out. This country is in big trouble. Kicking out God was the biggest mistake we could make. I wait patiently for Jesus' return.
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  6. the only ray of hope is the grace and mercy of God.. When Jesus came down to deliver judgement on Sodom and Gomorrah, something interesting happened between Him and Abraham.. He says, He will not destroy a city even if there are 10 believers.. We will have to pray for that remnant in this nation..
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  7. The greater danger to us is that Judgement starts in the Sanctuary.... Over and over - this one thing really concerns me: The people that Jesus had trouble with were not "The Sinners" - but rather the "Religious Elite", the "Do gooders", those who proclaim to hold and administer The Truth....

    The normal every day people saw the evidence and the proof and believed... The religious elite were the ones who held their doctrines, their truths, intellectual superiority, and their positions - and their position that they already possessed 100% of the truth was a barrier to actually humbling themselves to accept what was going on...

    Then as now - they use that position to prevent everybody else from actually learning anything.... To prevent people from repenting... To make sure nobody succeeds in HEARING the Word of God that we need to hear today - this minute... So that we can receive the guidance we need and act accordingly on God's plan now....

    God keeps shooting shots across our bow... and we keep intentionally ignoring it... Treating it as if it's simply random acts... Unconnected... Unlinking cause and effect...


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