All have sinned

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  1. All have sinned

    Who did Jesus come to save and what did He come to save us from what does it mean to be a true believer we have to know the whole counsel of God what did He say to His disciples dont be suprised if the whole world hates you be of good courage He has overcome the world nomatter how immpossible situations appear through Christ we a MORE THAN CONQUERERS HE promised who is anyy person to question HIs word or Faithfullness He is light He is truth He is love He is the Greeat and awesome God He reigns Jesus of nazereth i love you my Lord Jesus Christ i want to be radical for you come whaty may please in your grace give mne wisdom love and courage to be able to stnd before thiose things wich are coming pon this world even now there here but Jesus you are my LOrtsd i will follow you wherever you lead your Kingdom come your will be done Abba Father Jesus lives forever my faith is in the LIVING gOD who rEIGNS forever rfaise up the battle cryb and take up the whole aerlmour of God and Sstand in the Mighty Name opf Jesus we areonly saved by grace by the works of tghe law shall no person be justified we are justified by faith in Jesus Christ alone Lord bless Ypur people hedge tjhem about with Holy Fire and your warring angels in Jesus mighty majestic Glorious Name
  2. Amen brother

    God bless

  3. I just have to Amen this too my friend. Its good stuff. God sees the desires of your heart and is making you into the warrior you long to be. The mighty man of valor

  4. Amen brother. We may be physically apart but I'm right there with you. I love you, and I'd have your back if I could.

    The Lord reigns! Let the earth be glad.

    The mountains melt like wax before the Lord. Before the Lord of all the earth, the heavens proclaim His rightiousness, and all people will see His glory!

    God bless!
  5. Thank you all i realy mean that i love you guys i need to ask your forgiveness sometimes i might come across very bluntly i dont want to be arrogant or hurt any ones feelings im so brocken inside God is so good and He is not mockedwhatever a person sows HE reaps and ive been so foolish at times quick with my mouth not realy thinking about how th things i said would wound those who heard i ask for everyones forgiveness God sees my heart and i thank Him that with Him His mercies are new every morning great is His faiithfullness i love God passionatley with my whole heart and soul and will always He alone is worthy i love my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus you all mean so much to me and i pray for you all in His mighty name i get so confused at times and Gods weord says He is the God of love and order and peace and mercy and power and Glory the wisdom from above is first of all peacable and gentle and patient and kind and willing to yeild i get passionate about Gods word its like a fire burning in my heart and when i preach or share it just explodes please understand i deisre to speak the truth in love always i need Gods wisdom when i speak God is showing me many wonderful truths from His word i need to learn to be more balanced and gentle when addressing certain issues i need the mind of Christ and precious sweet dear Holy Spirit in and upon my life Lord please radically transform my life i need to learn to be gentle as a dove and wise as a serpent but most of all gentle sometimes when i share i get so fired up about Gods word its like a gattling gun please understand dear brothers and sisters in Christ when i get this way the attack is at our mortal enemy principalities and powers is where the assualt is targeted not people so please can you all pray for me my life seems like a out of control roller coaster ride i need bablnce and wisdom and need to be more tactfull especially when presentning posts that are viewed all i want is to share Gods truth so that all of you are built up in the faith and equiped for very good work in Jesus mighty name so please hear my heart i love you guys at christian forum all of you im greatly encouraged by the all the wonderfull talents and giftsthat God has given each and evert=y one of you honestly on odd opccassion i dont understand certain comments and becauase of insecurity at times i take things personally to hear so please understand i love you guys and my hearts cry for all His people is His best for each and every one of you in Jesus mighty name brother Cho you arte a mighty man of God its an honor to meet you thank you very much for all your encouragemnet Univac God has given you great wisdom i thank God for the wonderffull manner in wich you present Gods truth Mark 18 your zeal encourages me greatly brother fight the good fith of faith and kissagirl your zeal awakens great fire and passion in my heart to stand for the faith and fight the good fioght girlfromoz i love your gentle manner and heart wich is of great worth and valuein His sight you are Trukly a Godly woman Dusty my dear mother in the faith your mothers heart gives me strength and comfort what can i say all you precious people are truly a great blessing and im honored greatly to meet you all i might seem a bit radical at times but all i want to be is a Jesus Freak on Fire for God and shrare thetruth of His word in love John the baptist what a mighty mabn of valour if only i could have his zeal and walk in his annointing but this is my desire to do the will of God and run therace that is set before me according to His rules to fight the fight of faith and hopefully by His grace and His grace alone to recieve the crown that He has promised to His people if Giod be for us who can be against us Jesus of nazareth truly is Lord i love Him soGod bless you all

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