Advice on how I can share Christianity?

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  1. Advice on how I can share Christianity?

    For a while now I've been wanting to share Christianity with my family and friends who do not believe in God, in particular with my fiancee. I would not say that she does not believe in God, but rather has not accepted him. She used to go to church when she was a child but her family stopped going. I would really like her to be able to see God the way I do but I'm not completely sure how I can encourage this without coming off as being weird and trying to convert her or something. I watch a church program online and she asked me about it once so I told her briefly what it was about, but nothing else came of that. How do you think I could help her, as well as others to see that they should accept Jesus as their saviour and allow God to come into their lives, without turning them off of the idea by making it awkward? Thanks.
  2. It's all about seed planting in my opinion.

    When YOU live out your Christian walk that speaks louder than any word you may say.
    There is a time, place, season and reason for everything.

    Pray for discernment to share the gospel specifically. I mean, you can give God glory and praise outwardly so people can see, and you can say certain things to hint to others about God's work in your life, but pray for God to open a window of opportunity to share what Christ has done in your life gracefully.

    It will come in time. We need to focus on filling ourself up in the word so we can share it with others.

    Oh, and yes, something WILL come out of sharing with your fiance about the program you watched. It just takes time... She will remember it :)
  3. +1

    I would definitely have to agree that praying for your fiancee and family/friends is a must. Without prayer and worship it is impossible to get God's attention for him to listen to you....:groupray:

    What you could also do is share something with her that God has done in your life. It could be a breakthrough, an answer, healing miracle etc etc...And pray that God will put something in her heart that would change the way she sees the whole God picture/Church etc...

    All the best mate


    One more thing i remembered, its a good thing that you said that she believes in God because...if you read Hebrews 11:6

    And without faith it is impossible to be well-pleasing [unto him]; for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and [that] he is a rewarder of them that seek after him.

  4. love love love love joy joy joy joy smiling :) it wins all the hearts almost, except those whom God hardens.
  5. Well, first of all, I have to say I'm kind of surprised that if you're a Christian you have a fiancee who is not a Christian. You're really setting yourself up for huuuuge problems, especially once you have children. She'll be able to influence them probably more than you will be able to, that's most often just the way it works.

    However, going back to your question, I've found that really the best way to show people Jesus in your life is just to live it. Be a kind, generous, loving person with a great attitude at all times! How we live our lives speaks much more than what you can actually say.
  6. Agreed Dorig- the bible plainly warns us about such unions. Sadly if we fail to heed then we must indeed bear the concequences.
  7. I agree with the other replies, you should probably do some praying about your relationship with her. And what to do about it..

    As for your question, I am having the same issue with friends. Thing is, if they don't want help, you can't give it to them. Cause more then likely you will upset them and push them farther away from the subject. Best thing I think you can do is pray honestly. God can do anything. Maybe He can open the eyes of her heart, and accept Him.
  8. Good advice dorig
  9. Scripture presents the gospel as the primary means through which God saves people. When it comes to how to share one's faith, I like to ask people these two questions:

    1.) Is it possible for someone to be saved without hearing/reading/learning the gospel message?
    2.) Is it possible for someone to be saved without observing any Christian's godly life?

    IMO, the answer to the first question is no, while the second question should get a yes answer. If I'm right about this, and it is impossible to be saved apart from learning the gospel message, while salvation is possible apart from observing the lives of Christians, then it follows that the gospel message is the most important thing to bring to those who are not saved.

    One of the most popular--and most incorrect--sayings is one that most of us have probably heard at one time or another: "Preach the gospel at all times, use words if necessary"--as if words were optional! They are not. I cannot learn about who Christ is by observing the honesty, love or other godly behavior of Christians because people of other religions also can, and do, exhibit those same qualities.

    This does not mean that we communicate the gospel insensitively, obnoxiously or in any other way that would dishonor Christ. The gospel message has enough offense all on its own without our adding our own bad behavior to it.

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