Adventures with a Laptop and a Colander

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Housesitter, Dec 3, 2007.

  1. Adventures with a Laptop and a Colander

    As some of you know I am house sitting in France and the place where we are staying does not have broadband but I have permission to use the signal from next door. A house on the same property but the router is a good 70 yards away.
    As a result I have had a very erratic signal.
    I searched the web and read about all sorts of do-it-yourself solutions
    This morning I went in search of a low cost wok as that seemed to offer the easiest solution but I could not find one so I purchased a 12 inch diameter plastic colander. I lined it with aluminium foil stuck in place with selotape. I cut a small hole in the middle of the bottom and inserted my USB wireless dongle. I then played around to find the best position and taped the contraption to my window. My signal strength is now 24mbps my previous best was 5 mbps and more normally just 2mbps.
    Netgear says my signal strenth now is 52% where before it varied between 3 and 7%
    It may look odd but I am able to surf again and use my VOIP phone.
    Total cost was under 3 euro. In UK money about £2 or in US about $4.:)
  2. I never knock success!:D
  3. HA! No kidding!!!:D
    That's amazing~
  4. Yes it is true. I am no technical expert and the advice on the forums was to use a wok or strainer but as I could not find one I decided to experiment. Apparently it forms a 'directional parabolic antenna'
    All I know is it works better than before.
  5. "If it ain't broke don't fix it!"-LOL!

  6. Ah yes I agree but it was broke and I fixed it. Now they say pride comes before a fall so if I am not on site for a few days you know I really did 'fix' it
  7. Like they say here in the South..ish... If duct tape can't fix it, you probably need a new one anyway.
  8. If that works I will take the tin foil off my ears!!!LOL! Just kiding, I bought a 7db gain antennae for $3 plis $4 shipping.

  9. I want one. At that price. Where did you get it and do you know if they ship to Europe. Over here they cost an arm and a leg.
  10. Correction, it cost $1.28 with a $5.99 hipping and my sons say they are working great. My pc is hooked directly to the router and theirs are across the house. My youngest reports that his " gaming" is just as good with this antennae as it was when I was tripping on his lan cable. As far as where they ship you will have to enquire. I am hoping this works out brother.
  11. Housesitter...that's amazing!:eek:

    You sound a lot like me...I have so many gadgets and home-remedies around the house it's starting to look like a Borg ship!:eek:

    Now, what you do is you never let the colander people know what you did. Keep it a secret, or else the next time you go in to buy a colander, they're going to be priced sky high!:D

  12. Thanks. I have sent them an email. Does this plug into the router or can I plug it into my laptop? If it needs to go into the router I will not be able to use it as the router is in another house and they do not want me to change anything over there.
  13. You are right. Next week look out for Laptop enabled colanders at your local shop. Aluminium foil pre installed.
  14. The gold-plated status-symbol ones will be slightly more, of course...he he he
  15. After reviewing your situation brother you would be best to stay with the rig you have. It is useable and the alternatives are:
    Putting a higher gain antennae on the router whcih you say you cannot.
    Purchasing a higher gain card for your laptop.which will more than likely be expensive.
    If I were you and your setup works I would keep it and not spend more $ on it.

  16. Long live the Colander King.
    24 hours on and it is still working beautifully.
  17. What happens when you get a sudden craving for salad?:D
  18. Wouldn't that be something if that colander filtered out the spam, too?:D

    Oh no...I feel some jokes coming on...


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