Acquiescence to Statement of faith.

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  1. Acquiescence to Statement of faith.

    Does my following understanding disqualify me for membership?

    The scriptures referred to in the New Testament are those of the Old Testament, a major purpose of which was to 'schoolmaster' Israel to Christ.

    The New Testament is a collection of copies of the lost originals of some of the apostolic writings which were in circulation throughout the early church for the purpose of establishing "the church's traditions which had also been taught by word of mouth" (2 Thess 2:15) and for establishing "the faith first delivered to the saints" (Jude 1:3)

    Both the Old Testament Scriptures and the Apostolic writings of the New Testament were inspired of God to a absolute degree of which we are not precisely told.

    Under God's New Covenant his principle means of communicating with man changed from words written on tablets of stone or by ink on papyrus to words written by the power of the Holy Spirit into the fleshy tables of the believer's heart (numerous Old and New Testament passages)
  2. I'm not an authority on the issue .. so will let the mods speak on that . but

    I'm curious . elaborate on the scriptures with the role of schoolmaster and the Spirit of God communicating to our hearts .

    if the scripture is a schoolmaster . what happens when we "come of age", or "graduate?" (when does this happen? how does this happen? how does one know?) what role does the scripture take? and what role does the Spirit of God take?
  3. Do you believe:

  4. My belief is as described.
  5. A simple yes or no is all we need.
  6. That it is .

    You seemed to be voicing a concern that something you believed contradicted the statement of faith . what you're saying sounds like what the scriptures call "disputable matters" . i guess thinking about twelve steps ahead i could see some problems that could arise from any point of view . but problems have a tendency to raise from attitudes and heart attachment to ideas not so much from the ideas themselves .

    from what i can see you've formed your opinion on what scripture is at least partially from what scripture says . so that's pretty cool too IMHO . at this juncture i guess it seems wise to ask which direction you'd wish the conversation to head?
  7. Ideally I'd like the conversation to lead to an acceptance of my membership on criterea that is not man made and that is not more stringent than the criterea that makes me a member of the Body of Christ.
    I certainly will never answer a straight yes or no when neither comprises an adequate answer to any particular question.
    Sounds like the very epitome of denominational exclusiveness to me, and if that is the case there'll be no need for an answer to my question......I'll be off like a shot.
  8. Wayofthespirit, most members here believe that scripture is 100% accurate, at least I do. I also believe in the Holy Spirit and the power of God to teach and change us according to His will. The Statement of faith is mainly there to keep away people who have agendas and those people who join here to cause problems. I don't see a reason to not allow you because most people I know have not joined here with a complete understanding of the Bible. Including me. Not labeling you as wrong but just letting you know what I and most of us here believe.

    Personally, I'd like to see acceptance and love of God bringing people of different beliefs together.

    Thank you for being honest. The moderators will make a decision here.
  9. It sounds like this is an area of hurt for you . in that respect i will pray for you whether you decide to stay or not .

    hope everything works out for you . this is really a friendly place .

    and if you wanted to talk about in-the-box disillusionment and such it is an area of spirituality i'm familiar with .

    PM me if you want .
  10. Thank you Jeff and Michael.

    It would be a pity to leave such reasonable believers but if it has to be then better now than later.
    So I will accelerate the Mods decision with the following which is about as non mainstream as I get:-

    I’ve got two bibles in my home.

    One is bound in red leather and entitled in gold leaf.
    Its pages also are edged in gold leaf.
    I’ve owned it for many years and it is in absolute pristine condition.

    The other has also been owned for the same number of years and has a battered cover and pages that have been thumbed almost to extinction.

    Both are KJAV translations, not because of carefully researched choice but simply because that’s what everybody used in the little Chapel where I first came to faith more than 60 years ago.

    Why is one unused and the other so well worn?

    I’ll tell you why.

    The first is the complete and final verbally inerrant Word of God, described as being the “letter that kills”, and is comprised of ambiguous (contradictory even) verses and passages, some of which depict a Penal God who will raise the vast majority of people from the dead for the sole purpose of keeping them alive in order to torture them in hellfire for the rest of eternity.

    The second contains writings that God’s Holy Spirit selects and conveys into my heart and which then become the “Spirit that gives life”.
    None of those writings selected by God’s Holy Spirit are ambiguous or contradictory and all depict a loving God who gives eternal life to as many as will receive it, allowing the remainder to simply perish out of existence. (John 3:16)

    The first is in pristine condition because it is never opened.

    The second is so well worn because it is in constant use.
  11. Welcome to CFS.

    Please help me understand the difference if both are the same translation.
  12. Phew....PTL for that.
    In practice there is no difference......we're all singing from the same song sheet.
    I liken it to the heavenly Choir which, like all choirs, has its best choristers singing with their heads raised in order to be able to best respond to every nuance of the heavenly choirmaster.
    Whereas a few sing with their heads buried in the score.....same song but never quite up to the best standard.

    Comprende moi?

    Peace to all......wots.
  13. Hmm ... I am not going to weight in on this conversation but to say that this is a " Newbie " members greeting forum so as such I would like to say . :

    Welcome to the forum !!!!

    This is an area to express to others your desire to fellowship with us and tell us a little about yourself .

    Hopefully you can express all your input in other parts of the forum . We would love to have your input . Blessings to you .
  14. I look forward to seeing more of your posts too wayoflife . Welcome to CFS .

    God bless .
  15. Moi, not yet :) One final clue perhaps?

    Anyway, welcome to CFS!
  16. I think I understand it now. I think...

    Wayofthespirit is requesting the Mods to give his some more time... like the time he spent on one of his King James Bible. He studied it first, asked for the Holy Spirit for guidance, then after reading it and after re-reading it, he found out the the word of God does give life.

    If the Mods would not let him continue posting, he would have been like his other KJV bible. Misunderstood, vague, ambiguous. It is akin to the way skeptics treat the bible. Since they have never understood it, all they see are contradictory passages. Since they never took time to read it, their bibles remained in its pristine state.

    Same thing with the choirs.Those who studied the score, sang beautifully. Because they have understood it completely, because they followed the choirmaster very well.

    Unlike the other people who are singing the same score, since they have not known it by heart, the sang below par.

    This reminds me of a verse from first Corinthians...

    For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known.

    So mods, give Wayofthespirit a chance :)
  17. As Admin, I have already accepted his explanation.

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