Accident today

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  1. I am a rural mail carrier delivering mail to about 150 households. A lot of mu route is over dirt roads and some gravel roads. My truck, I use my own, started making some noise from the left front. I arrived at a stopping place and looked under the truck and under the hood for the trouble. I had another person look too. But could find nothing wrong. I still had about 20 miles to go. I went another 1 1/2 mile and the front left wheel seized up, blew out the new tire, 2 months old. It sounded like an explosion. The bearings seized up on it. When it was towed back to the repair shop, the owner said, "praise God your ok." The rim split, he said, "you had a heck of a ride." The force was great enough to bend the hardened bolts that hold the brakes in place. The front end is ok but Will have some work done on it.
    I do praise God! I will live and declare the works and Word of God! If I had been doing highway speed, the truck could have flipped. We are not supposed to travel over 55 on the highway.
    My lovely wife came out in her Rav4 and we finished the route.
    All the glory goes to God!
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  2. Wow! Praise God for keeping you safe! Thank You for sharing this wonderful testimony of God's goodness towards His children!

    Grace and peace be yours in abundance!
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  3. Praise God for His wonderful protection!!! Glory to God!! And thanks for your service @filarks!
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  4. Praise to God for your safety!
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  5. hehehe God kept you slow for this reason., I thank God your OK :)
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