Absolutely Alarming But O Surprise

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  1. Its amazing that these people have taken over the education system..apart from Gods grace there is no help for anyone to be delivered from this great deception. This is not just about cunning fables...this is about a spirit of deception that is laid upon the children by these evil people. Unless God lifts this deceiving spirit off a person, they will never be delivered from the power of this wickedness.
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  2. It actually was their plan from the beginning...believe it or not...even John Dewey was in on the plan...the idea was inundate them with Humanism (which was in this case Darwinism in disguise...see Dewey and London's Humanist Manifesto #1) 40 hours a week while they would only get Spiritual education for an hour or two each week....the belief which was successful was that by this they would be persuaded (beguiled)....if you want some examples from earlier in educational history I will provide a smattering for your exploration....
  3. Interesting read, reminds me that there are Agnostics as well !

    Agnostics does not necessarily agrees with Atheist, in fact, a lot of them are into attacking Atheist false front of using Science.

    Reading the review of the news: the site seems an Agnostic site: a site against "natural selection"...

    It more on supporting Intelligent Design is common sense, that is: even kids know…… and these Darwinian teachers just showed that false information can suppress common sense.

    That is: they believe in Intelligent Design as scientific, but not necessarily creationism.

    "Unlike creationism, the scientific theory of intelligent design is agnostic regarding the source of design and has no commitment to defending Genesis, the Bible or any other sacred text."
  4. although, yes, it's alarming... parent really need to look into what their kids are learning from school..

    it just reminds of blind leading the blind,

    that is: the blind are leading or say, refuting the claim of another blind...
  5. The logic with that belief (natural selection) is disproven every day by dumb people and lawyers! :D According to lawyers, no one over 35 should exists because the warning labels weren't on everything. :p
  6. "It becomes necessary, then, to choke off the illness at its origin, somewhere in early childhood."

    Whatever your beliefs, atheist, agnostic or theist, are you suggesting this type of thought has a place in the world?
  7. An allegory sir and you know that. Lincoln said the same thing:

    "The philosophy of the school room in one generation will be the philosophy of government in the next." Lincoln
  8. Allegory or not, it's paints a bad picture of alternate views. I suppose the intended audience for the article wouldn't even notice though.
  9. great observation .. I see the article itself as them trying to do to the mature reader what they speak about of the school kids (sneaky) this is what I picked out ..

    in the micro-evolutionary realm -- a kind of evolution that no one disputes, certainly not advocates of the theory of intelligent design ..

    hold on a minute .. I for one definitely reject "micro-evolution" ..
    yet they are teaching it is a fact and everyone should accept it ..

    adaptation, mutation and genetic drift are a NATURAL occurrence within a specie and have never been shown to lead to evolution ..
  10. For those who haven't seen this yet, these are what these poor children are going be like when asked about Darwinian evolution when they grow up...

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    here is an interesting piece I read awhile ago so I logged it ..

    As an evolutionary biologist, it is very important to me to have a rigorous definition of “evolution.” The word “evolution” ultimately derives from the Latin verb “evolvere,” which means “to roll out” and referred to the reading of scrolls. In colloquial English, “evolution” refers to “progressive change.” This is what we mean when we talk about “the evolution of politics,” “the evolution of the media,” “the evolution of military power,” “the evolution of stars,” etc.

    Now “progressive change” is of course the original meaning of “evolution” and is why development was the first process in biology to be called “evolution.” It is also the reason why “evolution” was later applied to the origin of species. At that point biologists considered the origin of species to be a progressive process where “lower” species changed into “higher” species. When biologists realized that the origin of species was not a progressive process, they still kept the term “evolution” to refer to the origin of species. Instead of coining new terminology, they kept the old terminology but changed its meaning, dropping the connotation of “progression.” As a result, the biological meaning of “evolution” diverged from the colloquial meaning of “evolution.”

    There simply are no common processes between the origin of life and the diversification of life. No single explanation will cover both. (I am using “life” here in a broad sense: imperfect replicators.)

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  12. Wow great video.. Brian..you tha man!:cool: Not a cave man or a fish man or a slime man...tha Man!

    Ro 1:22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,:confused:
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  13. I almost started laughing when that guy said we are all fish. :ROFLMAO::D
  14. in fact (see the T) supah man!!!:sneaky:
  15. Yea these people are educating our children? We are all fish if it means this guy don't have to answer to God and can commit whatever sin comes to his mind.
  16. 500 million years ago we were all a worm.
  17. Yup, when we go to "school" we only learn what they want us to know.

    Anything else we have to find outside learning institutions.

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