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  1. about ( nun)

    good afternoon i am very happy that you gave me a chance to discuss so many questions in my mind that if you did not , i would be lost. i apprereciate your help and teaching in details and as simple as you can. my question is : to be nun is very special path and very special decison< my concern is a nun is a human being with needs and emotions if she is the right person to give that to all who will give her that in reverse ? and sorry for my question what about if she decided to get married as any other women, can she be a mother and religious women? what is wrong of motherhood, i feel it can give her like a fuel to continue in the religous community? i think alone woman is a dried one? sorry again i can't ask my mother. thank you
  2. Let me preface by saying I'm not Catholic, so what I have to say is may not agree with what a Catholic would tell you. A nun is a particular vocation which requires a great deal of self-sacrifice and one should enter that vocation only after a great deal of thought and counting the cost. As a nun, one gets their needs met and their emotional support from God, Himself, and from other nuns.

    If a nun decides to get married, she can obviously no longer be a nun and her options for serving in the Catholic church may be limited to some degree. However, it is an honorable thing to be a wife and mother in the eyes of God. To raise up Godly children and support a Godly husband are very important and necessary roles in the kingdom of God. A wife and mother can still pour her love into her family, tell others about Jesus, pray for others, engage in works of service, and extend the love and grace of God to her friends, neighbors, coworkers, acquaintences, and strangers. All of these things are pleasing to God. The work of a wife and mother are no less important than that of a nun, they are just different ways of serving God. If one feels unable or unwilling to make the unique sacrifices required to be a nun, there is no shame in admitting that and serving God in other ways. If that is a decision you are currently trying to make, may God help you to make the best decision and be confident and effective in your service to Him.
  3. then, do we still need nuns

    thank you for your nice message. assumed that most of good mothers does rise children and teach them and others jesus and how to serve God and community and others, do we still need nuns ? i will not ask a catholic. you scared me actully. i will ask you first. appreciated
  4. I think there is great value in the ministry of a woman who has chosen to dedicate all of her talents, energy, and resources to God's service. Because she does not have the a husband or children, she is able to give all of her time and attention to a particular ministry. Of course, becoming a nun in the Catholic church is not the only way to do this. What becoming a nun does is make that role official with all the expectations, limitations, and advantages that go with that official role. It's a pretty big step to take on that official role and therefore one should spend a lot of time in prayer and thought before deciding to take on that position. It would be a good idea for one to talk to those who have become nuns so as to learn from their experiences.

    A nun's first priority is the Catholic church and whatever specific ministry she is involved in through the church. A woman who has a husband and children ministers to them as her first priority, and secondly whatever other ministry she may choose to engage in. A single woman can also focus on ministry without being a nun, though she will probably have to work to support herself, which will take some of her time and energy.

    I don't know if this answers your question, but I hope it helps.

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