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  1. I loved joking around and laughing. My friends and teachers think I'm hilarious, and being funny had been part of my character.

    But tonight I was praying, and I asked God to show me if I was doing anything He didn't like in my life. Well guys, he showed me this, Ephesians 5:4. I looked it up, and it seems joking is a sin. It is foolish words, kidding, ect. Any help with this? Anybody on this part of the forum even? If so, I'd love to discuss and see if this is true.
  2. Nothing wrong. Eph 5:4 is talking about foolish talk. There is nothing wrong with good clean joking. Smiling / laughing / joy is Christianity 101.

    Joking takes IQ / being witty. It is a gift not all have.

    There are only two risks really.

    1. Talking too much and saying things you regret / are unintentional.
    2. Most have no IQ / sense of humor and may be too easily offended.
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  3. I think this is one of the areas where every person should pray and ask Lord. If Holy Spirit lead to that verse, then it's great! Now yield to that conviction :) that is all I can say..
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  4. Thanks for the reply! But I am still unsure, isn't kidding foolish talk? Like you say "I hate you" when messing with a friend but then say "just kidding". So I guess that type of joke might not be ok like you said. What are your thoughts on laughing at jokes that are not funny? Will it make others disrespect you, which makes them disrespect Christians, and make the gospel look bad? That's what I was thinking...
  5. Thank you! I think I will, I have a problem with offensive/ inappropriatly timed jokes, so I will lay off for now. I just wanted to post here to get others opinions and possibly a warning if this applied to all. Thanks again for the input!God bless both of you.
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  6. What did God deal with "YOU" about joking. We are told to avoid foolish jestering. This is where we mess our life up, the point of God showing us something, then come into to question it. Obey your conscience.

    When God shows us something we need to deal with, we do it right away. What He deals with you about, does not apply to everyone, but to you. We all joke and do things, but it's all in different ways.

    This questioning things after the Lord shows you something is not good. He gave the revelation to you.
  7. Ok, I understand. Thank you for the advice :) I didn't mean to question it, I was just a bit surprised and decided to tell you guys just in case it did apply to all. Just curious, what happens if I question it? Isn't it like "testing spirits" sort of thing?
  8. Mostly the Lord leads by the peace in our heart. So many would be alive today, if they did not violate that check, that stop sign, that lack of peace before they went and did something.

    Part of the Holy Spirit's ministery is to lead us into truth and guide us into truth. So we check our heart constantly before doing something or allowing something.

    In your case, the Lord gave you scripture about foolish jestering. You had a stop sign in your heart. Don't do that.

    So you get that leading and a scripture.

    Is the devil not wanting you to joke around foolishly. Is the devil saying don't joke anymore?

    Not hardly.

    That leaves one other Spirit left.

    So, your told to stop joking around. Now you know the Lord wants us to be full of joy, and easy to be around.

    So then it must be that when you got that direction, it came to your mind what kind of Joking you were doing. You already know what came to mind when the Lord put that check into your heart.

    Is all joking bad? No, but foolish Jestering is bad, and that is what the Lord told you to cut out, and what came to your mind when He told you.

    You had all the answers before you even posted.


    A man has a female co-worker ask him to go out for a coffee after work. No big deal, they work together and need to discuss a project. Innocent enough.
    However, being a Christain man, He just does not "FEEL" right about it. Can't see anything wrong with it, it just does not seem right.

    So, He over rides his conscience with things that make it no big deal.

    The Holy Spirit is saying "Wait up, stop!!"

    He questions it, and over rides it with reasoning.

    Things go fine for 8 months, no big deal, but that realationship became more and more personal. He has grown attached to this women.

    Soon after he sleeps with her, and more time goes on. He is ashamed, but He no longer loves his wife anymore, this women works with him, has things in common.

    He knows he should break it off, but it's now hard. He is in love with this other women. There are strong soul ties, He is miserable.

    Soon the wife finds out, and it ends his marriage. The women He was seeing finds someone else and dumps him.

    That is how the enemy works. It could have all been avoided, Had he just listened that very first day to go out with coffee.

    Anything that is not faith is sin.

    My wife was about the leave the house, and it came up in her real strong. Jiggle the toilet handle. She questioned that, reasoned it out and said I don't have time to do that, I am running late.

    8 hours later she came back and toys are floating along happly in our living room in 1 inch of water and a big hole in the ceiling where the upstairs toilet had run all day.

    She was mad!!! she calls me and starts in about how much work and bla, bla, bla. The Lord speaks to me and said............ "Tell the wife, I told her to jiggle the handle" she never told me that, the Lord did, and she shut up and spent two weeks getting the smell and water out.

  9. Oh ok. You seem to have a good relationship with the Lord. How long did it take being a Christian for you to be able to hear His voice like that?
  10. All the Lord (Holy Spirit-Through the Holy Spirit) said to me was that when He checked you on that foolish Jestering, He gave a scripture so that you could try the spirit by comparing the Word to what you heard.

    Then the Lord showed you in your mind exactly what part of the Jestering He wanted you to cut out. (Not that joking is bad, just foolish and devilish things are bad) So you were given a scripture, a direction, and in your mind the example.

    Everything you needed, the LOrd said was given.

    How to hear God?

    They write whole books on this subject. You heard God, so you know what it sounds like.

    A scripture just dropped in your spirit can be the answer to something.

    The best advice I can give is what was given to me. Follow the peace in your heart. Avoid things you question.

    Is Christian Metal Good?

    If I have to ask that, then I am not in faith with clear conscience to listen to it.

    The More I go against my conscience and reason things out, the harder it is to hear the Lord clearly.

    Just today, someone wanted the wife to go somehere. No big deal. I got that check in my spirit about her going. A stop sign in your heart.

    Best way to describe it is that it did not "SEEM" right. Your Seemer inside your heart. Not mental thinking, but inside. No reason behind it, just something "Seems" off.

    My wife got the same thing, but she added to it. She said that it was a waste of time and she had things to do, but she was still planing to go.

    At the time she was about to leave, I told her the Lord checked you about going with that women tonight. Did He?

    She said yes........

    We can't be the Holy Ghost for people, but if it's a loved one, you can at least ask them. We don't want to be controling.

    I told the wife I got a check in my spirit about her going. A stop sign, why are you still planing to go, I asked?

    My wife did hear the Lord, just that thing that did not "SEEM" right, but she reasoned over it. So I waited until the last moment to say something as the Lord asked me to.

    So, the more you just practice stopping before you do something when it don't "Seem" right or you get that "STOP" sign then the more clearly you will pick up on the Holy Spirit and hear.

    Every believer is led by the Spirit of God, many are dead tody by not obeying what is in their heart and reasoning over what they already know.

    Practice not violating your conscience. Lots of scripture about our conscience.

    If you planed to do the dishes before bed, but get to tired, don't go to bed and leave them dirty. If you plan to clean something, but other things come up. Cancel those other things and clean the thing that needs cleaned.

    Keep your conscience clear at all times. It's a key to hearing God clearly.

    If you don't have peace about anything, then all STOP!!!! Don't move until you get further direction, if the Lord gives you direction.

    Baalam was told by the Lord not to go to the Kings. But there was lots of money involved. So Baalam kept asking about it. Soon the King sent men to Baalam and they spent the night with Baalam. Baalam ask again and the Lord said if they come again, Go with them. So in the Morning Baalam got up and went with them. It ended up costing Baalam his life.

    It's always best to act on what you think you heard, no questioning, just do it and be wrong, than to practice over riding what you hear and not be able to hear clearly at all.

    God always speaks in line with his word. A lying spirit will be out of line with the Word.

    We all miss God, but it's the heart that matters and a heart that wants to hear, but messes it up is better than a heart that ignores God, and reasons everything out in the natural.

    Just because something cost less, or a better deal, I have learned not to be led by Money, but by the Holy Spirit.

    Practice these things and soon folks will be wondering how you hear God so well, and how you can hear God for them.

    Be blessed.
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  12. Ok, thank you. I guess I owe the Lord an apology. Thank you for your teaching, I think it's good. I'll try that, thanks. God bless you.
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  14. Very insightful, indeed... thank you.
    (A precious family member has joined themselves to an atheist under the guise
    of 'having questions'. The content of this article confirms the cautions I have
    in dealing with them.)
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  15. Your welcome. :)
  16. Sorry to but in, but you don't mean me, right? I'm not an athiest ;)
  17. No, Hei Shi... sorry for any confusion. A family member (raised in a Christian home) has
    started a relationship with an atheist. This relationship has been the cause of their own
  18. Ah, no worries!

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