A Walk With My King

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  1. A Walk With My King

    A Walk With My King

    Last night, I dreamed of Heaven;
    Where I met my Beloved King.
    My heart was filled with joy
    As I heard the angels sing.

    We walked together in silence.
    There was no need for words.
    My body seemed so weightless,
    I felt I could fly with the birds.

    Silent thoughts passed between us,
    As the events of my life flashed by.
    I felt His love and forgiveness,
    For the sins I could not deny.

    As I gazed into His face,
    I saw such tenderness there.
    The love that shone from His eyes
    No other love could compare.

    I woke when the sun was rising.
    The birds had started to sing.
    I knew it was only a dream.
    Yet, at peace, I'd walked with my King.

    © 2004 by Marian Jones

    This poem may be used in its entirety, with credits in tact, for non-profit ministering purposes.
  2. Beautiful! dont we all dream of that glorious day when we will be walking with our King!
  3. awwwww that was beautiful

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