A View

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  1. A View


    It all started with a
    Click on the screen
    To look and view
    The guy in the blue

    He looked so handsome
    And so strong too
    Thoughts wondering through her head
    Could he be the one for you?

    She viewed the profile
    He had wrote
    Filled with many words
    Describing himself in hopes
    He may get a short note

    She sent a short message
    To say hello
    And to let him know
    He sounded like a very interesting fellow

    She was surprised
    When she got a reply
    From a man who
    Lived so far away on the highway

    Notes were sent
    Back and forth
    From the woman
    In the South
    To the man in the North

    He emailed his phone number
    With a short note to say
    If you would kike to call
    I would enjoy hearing from you today

    She dialed the number
    He answered on ring two
    To say can I call you
    Back in a few?

    He called a bit later to talk
    They chatted and chatted
    For hours on end
    Each getting to know one another
    Wondering just who was
    The person on the other end

    Much past, present and history
    Were shared by both
    They laughed and laughed
    And smiled a lot

    The clock flew by midnight
    Cinderella she was not
    Both hated to hang up
    For the talk they enjoyed
    But 6 AM would come
    Up quick soon

    He called the next morning
    To wake the sleeping beauty
    It made her feel so good inside

    Her thoughts were wandering
    All day long
    About the person
    She was getting to know
    She looked with anticipation
    To hear his sweet voice again

    The next call came
    The words just flowed
    They each other shared their
    Visions and hopes
    Of the life they want

    She remembered him
    Telling her the night before
    God does not create mistakes

    It has been so wonderful
    The past few days
    To talk and to share

    Her mind could start spinning
    With so many thoughts
    She takes a moment
    To become quiet within

    Lord let me enjoy this
    New friend in life
    He is a man of faith
    A man that you created
    For a purpose and a plan

    As we get to know
    One another
    Please keep us safe
    In our travels
    And bless us each day

    I give thanks to you Lord
    For sending him my way!

    May the two enjoy and have fun
    But most of all give
    Thanks for your Son the blessed one!

    August 3, 2006

    Alrighty then.. after rereading this one.. I thought man.. .we sure do get caught up in the excitement of new relationships! :cool:
  2. Wow!!!!

    Well.....what happened next? :)

  3. After the first call.. the first date- writing afterward

    Well since you asked .... here was the next writing after meeting him:

    The Nest

    It was a quiet Sunday morning. We sat on the deck side by side with the sun shining bright. You and I. . With the warmth of the sun shining on us and our feet propped up, enjoying a fresh cup of coffee and enlightening conversation. The glistening pool was beneath us. Amidst it all was a Mother Morning Dove flying back and forth ever so graciously. She would go to the side yard and get a piece of straw then fly back to the nest she was building.

    We sat there in awe watching this task she had set before herself. She was intent on building the nest one straw at a time. Our conversation turned towards the whole meaning of her building a nest for the ones she loved. She was taking her time and doing it right.

    The analogy of this awesome sight was reflecting it upon relationships people build within their own lives. Would people not be better off if they took the time to build their relationships like that? This world we live in now can be so fast paced and hectic. Everyone always seems in such a hurry no matter what they do.

    Would a foundation of a relationship not be stronger, if two people took their time to really get to know each other? There is so much love that can grow between two.
    A love that could last forever. Taking the time to share, to laugh and to care. Oh what an awesome feeling it can be.

    I shared so much of me as you did with me in just a few days. We had the opportunity to see each other laugh; we felt the pain of the other when speaking of the past. A past that is now gone but at times may arrear in a conversation or two.

    We worshipped together that morning in the Lord’s house. With our heads bent in prayer, the tears began to flow. Tears of happiness. Tears of thanksgiving. Tears of such joy!

    When I reflect back to the elegant Mother Morning Dove, I think of you. I want that same security she felt. I want for us to take the time to build our foundation strong.
    There are hectic times that will come rushing in. There is I am sure plans that may need to be altered. Life does not come with any guarantees except one. The one exception is the love that the Lord has for us all including you and me.

    I look forward to reaching out to the one above to guide us and bless us.
    I look forward to growing “one straw at a time”.

    From the first moment I saw you until this moment as I type the words across the screen,

    I felt it
    I felt it all
    A strong emotional connection
    A love that can say it all

    August 2006

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