A Song I made

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  1. A Song I made

    I don't think music needs lyrics to have a meaning. I enjoy composing music as much as I can, I have made nearly 400 tracks. Before you comment on my music, I would like to let you know.. all this music comes straight from my heart and emotions. I couldn't compose music if I didn't have feelings.

    So, here's something I made. I hope you enjoy it. The music is techno-esque :)

    Techno Genre
    http://www.GHZteam.com/nate-gp.mp3 // This is a happy song :) (MP3)
    http://www.ghzteam.com/djdarkshadow/starry_roads.mp3 // Action-ish (MP3)

    Video Game Genre
    http://www.ghzteam.com/music/dj/3_hour_tour.mp3 // Beach (MP3)

    Relaxing Music
    http://www.ghzteam.com/music/dj/lullaby.mp3 // A lullaby (A friend did the vocals) (MP3)
    http://www.ghzteam.com/djdarkshadow/stolen_heart_of_the_other.mp3 // Piano Instrumental (MP3)
  2. Yay, Nate!!!
    Good job~
    Where is that really pretty one I like?
  3. It's awesome!:D
  4. Paddy, you and Nate would get along so well together!
  5. That was really good. I'd like to hear more. :)
  6. Thanks everyone! :)
    I'll put more music in the first post so it doesn't get lost.


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