A sad reflection on society

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  1. A sad reflection on society

    Bendy-buses with the slogan "There's probably no God" could soon be running on the streets of London. The atheist posters are the idea of the British Humanist Association (BHA) and have been supported by prominent atheist Professor Richard Dawkins.

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    BBC NEWS | England | London | 'No God' slogans for city's buses
  2. What is the world coming to ? Such a sick society. Our only hope is prayer.:(:(:eek::eek:
  3. Well, those people will certainly find out some day if there is a God or not when they meet the [​IMG].

  4. It will be INTERESTING to watch this unfold and see how many PUBLIC complaints are actually turned in to the transportation company - or if they will even make those complaints public.

    I dare say that while Christians are sometimes thought of as persons who do not complain and just take it on the chin, let me just remind those who see these types of situations being enacted, that we are NOT second class citizens. We are part of God's army. It is our collective responsibility to fight the fights that need fighting and not to just sit passively by while the 'enemy' demeans, attacks, defames and belittles Christians, Christian Values and Christianity in general.

    Stand up and be counted in the battle against ALL evil ! Take action and counter the words of the evil ones with God's Truth. God would expect no less from you.
  5. How come its okay for atheists to defend their belief...but not for a Christian? I think that's really screwed up, personally.
  6. let them do it, i am willing to bet a sign like that will infact help bring more people to God i think.

  7. I read this last night with rolling eyes and shaking of head...the first thing that came to mind was the scripture that only a fool say there is no God(techies paraphrase).
  8. I also think it's kind of funny. What do atheists think they will accomplish putting signs and slogans all over the world? You know, I think it's making people more tired of their ways than it is proving the point that they've been trying to make.

    Atheism is not a "new" thing. It started a long time ago, probably before it was even called atheism, but it just didn't have a name. It probably wasn't popular, either. The majority of people had a belief in God - good or bad. I say only in the past few years have people just come out and admitted they don't believe in a God.

    But, not all atheists are like this. There are plenty of very kind, very nice atheists I have spoken to and they probably would never think of putting a sign up on a bus. And that isn't to say there aren't a lot of people who call themselves a "Christian" and do rude, in-your-face things. I don't like it when people put signs up all over their car and who like to back-talk and belittle people who they think are right or wrong.

    Oh well, I'll just let God deal with them. You just waste your brain cells trying to change an atheist's mind. Leave them be.


  9. Amen x 10 Pastor Gary!
  10. I could be wrong, but I doubt there will be very many complaints--if any. While atheists will raise a big stink and complain if a sign is put up saying, "Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father but by Him", those who claim to be Christians are ignored even if they do complain about something. They're written off as crazy fanatics, while atheists are just exercising their right to "free speech."

    It's the same with Christians complaining about immorality. They're called "Unloving", judgmental, bigoted, prejudiced" and various other names, while those protesting a Christian praying quietly in public for his meal are again "exercising their rights". Christians have NO rights to speak about our God and Saviour publicly, while enemies of God have ALL the rights to say anything they want.

  11. On a positive note;
    The word "probably";)
    It could leave an open for discussion.
    Certianly better than without it.

  12. Ray ..... Clarification please. What's a Bendy - Bus ?
  13. [​IMG]

    2 single decker busses joined in the middle​
  14. I was listening to Moody Radio today-didn't catch the whole broadcast, but they were talking about Richard Dawkins and how he took something out of a false gospel to try and make the bible twist the way he wanted. It was something about a 'magistrate that worshipped Jesus...' don't know if anyone knows more about it. They were saying the new style of atheistic writing attracts more people today than it used to because they've switched their tone from 'angry at God,' to 'more smooth writing with a wry smile.' I don't know if todays discussion is archived or not, Moody Radio Chicago, Illinois. God Bless Also on Moody, awhile back, I heard an interview with Lee Stroble about the debate with Dawkins-that was cool. He said what Dawkins didn't know was that underneath the stage was a ton of believers praying!
  15. Yeah, I heard Dawkins wasn't too crazy about them using the word "probably".

    After all, he knows for a fact that there is no God.

    We can trust him.

    Although, if I remember, correctly, I think he said he is 8/10 sure there is no God (or something like that).

    In my opinion, the sign seems like it was designed by a Christian a little bit! "There probably is no God, so stop worrying". I think that is going to make a lot of people go like "Oh shoot, but what if there is a God?". So, thank you Atheists for helping us reach the lost ;)

    And, isn't England 70% Atheist/Agnostic? Hm, I suppose Mr. Dawkins won't be satisfied until it is 100%.
  16. I've seen plenty of anti-atheist ads around here so I don't really see all of this as such a big deal anyway. It was just a matter of time til they did it back somewhere.

  17. Mr Dawkins- oh yes- that is the guy that Ben Stein made to eat his own words in "Expelled no intelligance allowed"!:D
  18. Lets not give Ben Stein much credit for that. I'm all for Dawkins' arguments being countered but Ben Stein is not a good example of it. Ben Stein's case against Dawkins was more based on sloppy editing then it was of truly beating it and help guide Dawkins and his followers to the truth. I'm afraid I don't agree with Stein's tactics to a HUGE extent. Even more so then how I don't agree with the tactics of Dawkin by dodging of important questions in other debates I've seen.

    The "probably" is probably much moreeffective on the people of the UK. As it shows tolerance by the atheistic side of the arguement and they have always tried to paint christians off as being intolerant. Believing in absolutes is viewed as a negative quality of christians to many people there. The "probably" being there is definitely well based by them. In that culture it will work well with the rest of the brainwashing. Dare I say... intelligently designed? Dere~shishishishi.
  19. Actually it was a simple straight forward conversation that lasted for less than 5 minutes and Mr Hawkins all but reversed his opinions - but only as long as he could leave the Lord God out of it. Space aliens seeding life- he is all for it- God creating life- he cannot face it- that is called denial.

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