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  1. Hello its just a quick hi as its taken me some time to find the button to post this. I am from England down in the not so sunny south at the moment but the colours of Autumn are strikingly beautiful. I enjoy bird watching, painting in Watercolour or Acrylics and generally any type of craft. I have been a Christian now for just over 4 years and will also be coming up to my 4th year of being dry from alcohol. That's what's so amazing because God helps me every day! I have other problems to get over but hopefully I can find some answers here when the time is right.

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  2. Thanks for the welcome, I have just read the links you gave me and quite happy to follow. :)
  3. Good to hear!
  4. Hi Bitsy! Its a short visit here tonight and sleep is calling me so blessings to you all and see you again soon.
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  5. Sleep well! You'll most likely be up way before me since I'm on the Eastern Coast of the U.S.A.
  6. Hello and welcome to CFS!!
  7. Welcome to CFS Reborn. Can't wait to see your paintings. :D
  8. Hi all, thanks for the welcomes. I shall look to see how and where to post a painting but please dont expect anything special, I am self taught and enjoy splashing the paint around when time allows.
  9. I'm sure your paintings are just beautiful :]
  10. Welcome to the forum, Reborn!!!
    I praise God for your salvation and sobriety :)

    See you around!

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