A quarter of Canadians don't believe in any god

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  1. The US percentage is only about eight percent. I wonder why there is such a difference.
  2. Most people in the U.S. claim to be "Christians" but you really don't know if everyone is or not. :)
  3. Yes, I know. Approximately 92% of Americans say they believe in God (not all necessarily Christians). Considering that it is the cultural norm, I figure a large portion of those just take it for granted, and don't bother to think about it much.

    Hence low church attendance, common acceptance of filth in the media, and all the things that make our nation appear more secular.
  4. How so? :blink:
  5. If one shares the gospel with homosexuals you can be jailed for hate speech. Sad but true.
  6. It's a bit sad, isn't it? I wonder if someone will make a poll about true Christians or not? :D
  7. Hate speech? How is sharing the gospel "hate"? Now, I can understand if someone was harassing you with it...but just sharing is not hate. Goodness, we should have "rights" for ourselves when people decide to "share" their ideas with us, too!
  8. Shee it's hard for us Christians up here. :D

    jkjk. I thank God I live in Canada. There are certainly worse places to be.
  9. :D Lol, Mark.

    Yes, I agree with you. Thank God you live in Canada and thank God I like in the United States. We could be living in a country (like Iran, Iraq, or those other places) where being a Christian is like drinking acid!
  10. No doubt. Canada is an awesome place blessed by God with awesome beauty.
  11. Yes , you hit the nail on the head. Especially here in Toronto where multiculteralism prevails. ( And I am not against multiculurism ). But try to share your faith . It is like I am in a foreign country. The biggest Hindu Temple outside of India was just opened here and it is so elaborate. All the marble was imported from Italy.
  12. This is true as when I go to their community, I am told to just be friendly with them and not talk about the gospel unless they open the conversation.
  13. This is true Mark. There are worse places. But it is especially hard living in the big city .... not like rural Manitoba. There is so much hate and crime here. Every one else has rights excet Christians and they push their rights to the ultimate.

    But you know what I am blessed to live in this great country.
  14. Are you serious? O_o

    Hm, for some reason I'm not surprised. Many governments, especially even predominantly Christian nations like the United States and Canada are giving into this kind of Secularism and Liberalism. In my opinion, it is only more signs of the End Times. "For the world will be like the times of Lot, and the times of Noah". Destruction, war, hate, paganism, atheism, homosexuality...sounds like the time of Lot to me ;)

    Its still legal for us to spread the Good News here in the United States, but, I fear we are moving away from that. Like Canada, the US is moving towards homosexuality, and is going to strengthen the federal government and affirmative action to "protect" homosexuals, and thus, stopping us from spreading the Word of God. :(
  15. The Association of Religion Data Archives | ARDA Demographic Map
    U.S. Religion Map and Religious Populations - U.S. Religious Landscape Study - Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life

    We're actually close to the Canadian level here in New England (The pew-forum lists for non-believers of any faith, Connecticut and Rhode Island at 23%, Massachusetts at 17%, Vermont and New Hampshire at 26%, and Maine at 25%) We used to be a region that was blessed with revival, but now we're pretty much dry. But with prayer and faith, the Lord has been doing some good work here and to our brothers and sisters to the north in Canada. Our winters may be long and cold, but the fire of the Holy Spirit gets us through it! :)
  16. Here in the Bible belt life seemingly is easier. But I do find resistence from time to time.

    I periodically get control of the radio at work, and will load up the CD player with any Christian music I can get my hands on. Usually it lasts about five hours before someone attempts to pull the plug. No big deal, because although I am not as vocal as I should be in sharing my faith, they get the point loud and clear from me that they need to make a decision.

    I guess my point is that we shouldn't care about polls or what the media portrays. As far as I am concerned, we should try 25% harder in Canada. If our Canadian siblings in Christ get jailed or ridiculed for sharing Christ with a fallen world, then count it a blessing that they could glorify God in such a way.

    As far as the U.S. It's saddening for me to go to work and pass by 10 churches on the way, and see so many lost souls roaming around.
  17. I am serious. It is a very sad fact and everyone else has rights it seems except Christians. We don't know where all this is going but my thought is that we should be ready for the coming of the Lord and also telling who we can about Jesus, even if it means punishment as it seems that the Christians here at least in Toronto are the ones being left out. There is a big house church movement in Western Canada and I am wondering if this is the future for Christians . Who knows.
  18. Intesting maps .... Thanks. Yes our winters are long and cold but I too attend a church where the Holy Spirit is moving and it is awesome.

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