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  1. This one is going to be a bit long.. Some of you friends already have prayed for me and know what I have been going through.. My wife had a miscarriage last October.. She had one more this month.. She went through D&C procedure on 14th March.. That was a Friday.. We went to Church on Sunday.. In between that, I looked perfectly fine from a worldly perspective.. I did not breakdown or anything.. I was saying the Lord was strengthening me all through this.. It is all God's will.. And so on.. But I knew it was not deep from my heart.. And within me there was another struggle going on spiritually.. Did I lack in faith? Did I fail to hear the Lord's will? Did I walk out of God's will in my life by not hearing to him? I did not realize the mistake I was doing.. The focus was on me.. What "I" did not do!! With this I went to Church on Sunday..

    Praise and Worship was going on.. Most of the times we often stick to classical hymns in our Church.. And this song came up.. I don't think I have ever sang this song in our Church.. I did not know about this song before.. The pastor gave a small background to the song and we started singing.. I went through an amazing and stunning experience.. I can't explain it with words! I felt like I was sweating.. It was a moment where I felt the I was just alone in the room with Jesus Christ in front of me.. The words pierced my heart.. I felt the comfort of Spirit.. I personally experienced it.. I have never felt so confident that the Lord is holding me strong in his hands.. And there is NOTHING that can change that.. It is not my actions that drive my life, but the grace of God which matters... It is well with my soul

    I had a comfortable childhood and no abuses.. Got a job while I was still in college.. Good salary and moved to US at a young age.. Have never gone through any major tests or trial.. Last few months have come hard on me.. But this assurance from the Lord has been a life changing experience for me.. I am so glad the Lord has helped me to come strong out of this.. I call this a life changing experience.. Because I felt so strongly how the Lord is holding me in his arms..

    I might never be able to explain this experience fully through words.. And this might not sound such a big deal for others.. But I have never felt the presence of God and never felt this close to the Lord than the moment of singing the song.. After that I wanted to share a few words to share how the Lord took us through the entire situation.. I just started "On Friday..." and I was just crying and crying.. I have never cried before so many people.. And the Pastor continued sharing rest of the story with the congregation.. I have talked about this with a few people.. Everytime I talk about this or think about this while I am alone (like in car), tears just roll up in my eyes! I am finishing this post once again with tears stored up in my eyes.. I am in office and if someone asks I can make up that it is because of my contacts :)

    It is well with my soul...

    Some background on the song and the original lyrics:
  2. And if anyone just thinks it is just a coincidence that the song came up on that day.. Will add this note also.. I also attend another Church, which is in our own Indian language.. We meet twice a month on Saturdays.. It was also on the same weekend after the procedure.. But we did not go since it was just the next day and wanted my wife to heal for 24 hours.. We always have a special song for the offering.. The Pastor would ask someone to prepare for the song.. He had asked one lady.. That family is very close to us.. In fact her husband and myself have been doing Bible study for the last 1.5 years or so.. Over the weekend we were talking and I was sharing my experience.. He said, "You know what.. Don't even think it was just coincidence". Apparently, the same song was sung as special song on that service also.. The Lord had prepared everything for me to hear the song. Multiple times! :) I just missed once.. Isn't it amazing how the Lord would turn the service or worship to focus on you personally? We serve such a mighty, awesome and living God!
  3. You could also tell your co-workers that a certain someone has a picture of a creepy clown as their avatar (I won't mention names...[cough]...WHERE! :p:LOL::ROFLMAO:) which makes you cry.

    Seriously though, I don't believe that this was just 'coincidence'. There have been services I've listened to on the radio that have aimed and taken fire at my struggle a the time. The services did not consist of generalities, but specifics to my current situation. It's like a shot of adrenaline that brings you back to your feet. Almost like the HS grabbing you by the back of your collar and lifting you straight up, telling you to stand. God indeed works in some of the most mysterious ways imaginable. No matter how he works, His love is indeed awesome!
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  4. The Power of the Holy Spirit. Heat, sweating, this feeling or sense of great power around you, Faith to believe God for anything.

    I remember my first time.

    Now, if I could just get you to go after tongues and the things of faith and and know what faith never doubts, despite what doctors or others say. Being led by doctors, the world, circumstances the bible calls being "sight" led. God always tries his best to show what it could be like all the time.

    Tell God you want more of that, and to lead you into understanding faith and his constant presence. He will be be prepared to move if He says move.

    Thank you for sharing that. I will never forget the first time I felt the power of the anointing.

    Be blessed.
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  5. Brother, I know your grief and I know what you are talking about, ...Praise the Lord, we have had and still are having those kinds of experiences/moments, Father has been so good to me I could fill books of how He has comforted me in testings and trials.

    You say your life has been calm, ...you can't say that anymore, I can't tell you why Father allowed this trial to come into your life, but look at it this way, you are growing in your faith and the grace, love and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ, and, you and your bride have two children in Heaven that are locked in, waiting for you, and even though Father allowed them to be taken from you for a brief moment, you have all of Eternity to be with them.

    Here's some encouragement for you, I have a dear brother and sister in the States who went through the same thing, only five times, ...then Father gave them two boys and a little girl, all I can tell you is just keep your eyes focused on Jesus and draw closer to Him and He has promised to draw closer to us.

    There is a story about three Hebrew boys that were thrown into a fiery furnace, a furnace that had been heated seven times hotter than normal, but we read there was a fourth Man in the furnace walking with them and even though the heat was so extreme they didn't want to leave, they had to be called out by the king, when they came out the were unharmed, so it will be with us during our fiery trials, the Lord will come and be with us, just like you have told us He was with you, ...so don't be ashamed of those time when you think about when He was with you, His presence so strong that you could almost touch Him, ...I have learned every time I remember and tears fill my eyes over those kinds of experiences, it is actually a form of worship and the same thing happens, I sense the presence of the Lord very close to me, ...we read He collects and stores our tears in a bottle, ...so you and your bride share these moments together in each others arms, worship the Lord together and wait on Him in total confidence that He knows what is best for you, ...you will find He will give you the peace that goes beyond our understanding and your will be building up you faith in Him, ...the just live by faith. Hab 2:4

    And the moment you are translated into Eternity you will see that you too come out of this fiery furnace test/trial unharmed.

    ......and yes I love that song too, comforts my soul every time I replay it in my mind.

    May the Lord richly bless you and your bride my brother, ...may your quiver be full,

    In His Love,

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