A Nobody

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  1. A Nobody

    A Nobody

    Who am I
    Am I one of them
    One they call a Nobody

    What is a Nobody
    It is a lost soul
    Is it one who has
    Not made it in life?

    To really contemplate that word
    To really search within my
    Heart and soul

    I ask
    Mirror Mirror
    On the wall
    What do you see

    I wait patiently
    My eyes burning intently
    For you see
    It is me looking back

    I hear a voice
    A voice that speaks
    You are what you are
    Let them not judge you
    For I am the judge of all

    To reach my dreams and desires
    That is my wish
    For when I do
    He and all the rest can say
    I knew her when she was a

    What he and all the rest
    Including my self
    Did not realize all that time

    I truly was someone
    A true person
    A loving caring woman
    One who had a large heart
    One who had it all
    As the waves of life
    Crashed all around
    It was all just lost

    As each new day begins
    I can look in the mirror
    I do not see a Nobody
    I see me

    A me who is worth it all
    Worth all that life has to offer
    A woman who should never settle
    A woman who is worth
    All her weight in gold

    Look out world
    Here she is
    That one that has said
    Sorry you missed it all
    You were looking and searching
    All that time
    So sad it is
    It was right here in front of you
    All the time

    My wings are in full flight
    Ready and waiting
    Combusting into full energy
    To have it all

    May 19, 2006
  2. This is beautiful, truly!
    I relate to this as if I wrote it myself!

  3. indeed woman you have faith :)

    hopefully it rubs off on some of us!!! hehe
  4. Hey thanks all of you...
    My faith had waivered for a few months.. but it is getting strong again!

  5. Praise God! I am pleased you are walking by faith in Christ and I expect good reports from you. The poem was also great, thank!
  6. Thanks so much! But the thanks really goes to the Lord. He blessed me with a gift.. he used that gift of writing to heal me a few years ago. I knew him then but not like I know him now. And now when I look back, alot of my writings had spirit written all within them..

    It is so awesome to be able to share my writings here.

    Have a super day all!

  7. Very uplifting

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