A little risky but funny

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  1. Innocent logical reasoning

    There once was an atheist professor on his way to an important lecture. He gets on the plane and finds himself sitting next to a 10 year old girl coloring a picture of Jesus. The atheist says to her in a retorting manner, “Why you bothering with that….there is no god! Don’t you know god is made of imagination???? They made him up….forget all that stuff!!!! I’m a professor so just trust what I am telling you, they tell you this stuff just to make you be good.”

    The little girl turns to him and says, “Mister…you are obviously very smart so would you tell me why a cow’s doo-doo goes flap, a horse’s doo-doo looks like a ball, and a rabbit’s comes out like little pellets?”

    So the atheist turns to her and says “I have no idea!

    Then the girl turns to him and says, “Then why should I believe what you say about God, since you really don’t know doo-doo?

    brother Paul
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  2. So funny and yet so much to think!
  3. That's a good 1!
  4. I LOVE it!!! :) :LOL: :ROFLMAO: (y)

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