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  1. Living life by the new nature birthed in the believer is how our Father intended that life be lived. The believer is prone to reject revelation because it is not a mind controllable knowledge.
    In your previous life your mind had to control your nature, with your new nature your mind must allow (let) the new nature to express it self.

    Thats was what the law was given for, it was a mind controlling nature to keep it from becoming a reprobate mind.
    Believers still struggle today with the mind controlling the nature, the mind must become compatible with the new Christ in you nature and allow it freedom to express it self as the fruit of the spirit.
    Your new life which is Christ will express it self as your created expression, your mind must be re-newed for this to happen.
    So the battle goes, He is not looking for great wonderful Christians, He is looking for a mind that is compatible with his nature so he can express himself as you, "Christ in you the hope of glory."
    If you haven't noticed yet the world is a schoolhouse, Galatians 4:1-4.
    You will go round and round the mountain until he gets what he created all things for.
  2. Interestingly put.
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