A Friend Is a Gift From God

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  1. A Friend Is a Gift From God

    A Friend Is a Gift From God

    Among the great and glorious gifts
    our heavenly Father sends
    Is the gift of understanding
    that we find in loving friends....
    For in this world of trouble
    that is filled with anxious care,
    Everybody needs a friend
    in whom they're free to share
    The little secret heartaches
    that lay heavy on the mind---
    Not just a mere acquaintance,
    but someone who's just our kind...
    For somehow in the generous heart
    of loving faithful friends,
    The good God in His charity
    and wisdom always sends
    A sense of understanding
    and the power of perception
    And mixes these fine qualities
    with kindness and affection..
    So when we need some sympathy,
    or a friendly hand to touch
    Or one who listens
    and speaks words that mean so much,
    We seek a true and trusted friend
    in the knowledge that we'll find
    A heart that's sympathetic
    and an understanding mind....
    And often just without a word
    there seems to be a union
    Of thoughts and kindred feelings,
    for God gives true friends communion.

    Helen Steiner Rice



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