A free website host you should not use

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  1. A free website host you should not use

    You might disagree with me but "Freewebs.com" Freewebs.com - Free website, free hosting, free webpage - Make a web site with photo albums, blogs, videos, forums and more!
    Is not a good website hoster at all!
    I do not know what is up with them, but they used to have good service and then they are just BLAH.
    Their "forums" do not work correctly with a Safari browser, I tried to update pages on the templates and I had to switch because my pages would never upload on the site! Also, they have these really ugly, 1990-style webpages that are so old and annoying it is not funny anymore.
    Synthasite is much better, is more modern, and is way more compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.
    Freewebs is OK for beginners, but for people like me who know how to work a website and want to attract visitors...no, Freewebs is just old now. I don't even get any visitors actually, or like only one per month.

  2. I agree.
    I currently have a site with free webs but am looking for a better server.
  3. Ah, it is nice to know I wasn't the only one experiencing difficulties with Freewebs.
    I have an email account with Google (Gmail), and have a really nice website that is free (yay) and works beautifully. Google's email is free as well, and you get all these awesome benefits like Google Docs, Maps, Google Books, a whole lot of nice stuff.
    You might want to check it out. I am a really picky person so believe me, Google is my alternative when it comes to storing documents.
    Also try Synthasite which has now changed to Yola. Really nice websites with good linear styles. They're always working to improve their stuff.

  4. I have a freeweb site. But I never go on it anymore. Lol.
    But when I was, I didn't do the forums or anything. I just updated my website.
  5. Lol I know. I got tired of deleting all of my sites so I finally just dropped them. No one was looking at them anyways except me.

  6. I know!! I think I made mine in 2008. And guess how many visitors I received?? 86! It's ridiculous! Lol.
  7. It's crazy. I was trying my best to get people to come but NO ONE was coming. I didn't want to spend any money advertising because it was just a leisure site, but I was so bored with it because nothing was happening. I think the last website I made with Freewebs was in...late 2007? I can't even remember that's how bad it was!

  8. If you are serious about your website I would never go with a "free" or "unlimited" hosting service. You should look into paid hosting for your best results.

  9. I was only looking for a web host for a website for my own personal enjoyment and with others. I don't own a business or anything, so I wasn't really in need of a special server; however I was extremely disappointed with the service of Freewebs. I have better luck with Google Sites and the website themes look so much more professional once you learn the ropes.

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  11. Well you could always just pay to have your own domain name hosted and point www.yoursite.com to your free space but I'd prefer to use a paid for hosting service and one that specifies what I get (while I may not use much I have a distrust of the term "unlimited").

    I'd also go for somewhere which allows some sort of scripting, eg. php (which is included in a lot of shared hosting packages) even if I could do everything I wanted at the time just in plain HTML. This would be partly to allow for expansion (eg. add a forum or chat of my choice).

    In practice though most of the web stuff I have is hosted on a PC under my desk at home. It's not a route I'd particularly recommend but I have to run executables on the web server and most shared hosting solutions will not allow that. The alternatives, eg. dedicated hosting that will allow it are too expensive for me...
  12. Free websites are sloooow because they crammed every people that signed up for free into one hard drive/server. Check out the hosting plans on www.digipark.com. There's a "HOSTING" menu on the topbar.
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