A few thoughts on demons (freaky!)

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  1. I know we shouldn't pay too much attention to the enemy, but I have a few thoughts on the subject:

    1) My Theology/Psychology teacher recently said that the enemy is jealous of us, humans, and I believe she's right. God grants us countless chances to repent and demons have none.

    2) Many people dislike Mary K. Baxter but I believe her testimony of hell is true. One detail in particular freaked me out: according to Baxter, many demons in hell keep saying 'we fooled you, you could have had Jesus but we fooled you'. How sick and twisted is that?! Did Mary K. Baxter make that up?

    3) According to another testimony of hell, demons force militant atheists to give lectures or lessons on atheism. Again, sick and twisted.

    4) I once had a dream/vision of a demon and I believe it was the demon of lust. It looked like a humanoid and was grabbing to the back of my neck like some sort of parasite. I later found out a very similar picture on YouTube and it freaked me out!
  2. Look, satan wants to kill and destroy who we are and what we have been given by God. Remember God loves us, but satan hates God our Father. Because God loves us, satan now has a devious plan, to destroy, kill and steal from us what He, God, has given us.
    But understand now, satan is an old serpent, broken wing and all, he does not get around to easily. So he uses principalities and demons to act out his evil.
    So, satan does what he does out of hate towards God Himself. In the end I'm sure satan will also be jealous, after all, he knows he is deemed for hellfire, and us that accepted Christ is not.

    I do not know about the other stuff, but can tell you, according to the bible, hell is not pretty in any way and your suffering there will be multiplied, and into foreverness.
  3. That's Satans tongue right there.
    Banish it in the name of our Lord; we can be fooled but God casts the Holy light for us to see which direction to take.
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  4. So, just to clarify: are you saying that Mary K Baxter's book on hell is a tongue of satan?
  5. If Mary K. Baxter is not speaking the truth, then she's an amazing actress and novelist.
  6. I'm saying that the Devil has spoken to her and she's repeating his words; something which we shouldn't do.
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  7. My take on any book written about going to hell and back is that it's pretty easy make up a story about a place nobody had been, and there is a market for it. It's a perfect area where somebody with decent story telling skills could make a buck
  8. I am curious as to why you believe the devil has spoken to her?
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  9. I think the same is possible or likely as well. The other points, no. Satan is not in hell yet, and when he does get there, he will be too busy suffering on his own to bother others.
  10. True but we have to be willing to be willing to listen and obey.
  11. Many Believers have been caught up or through a vission visited hell. I am not saying all stories are true but I do believe many are.

  12. YOU SAID ((I know we shouldn't pay too much attention to the enemy,))

    That is one of the biggest problems with the body of Christ. Acting like the devil is not even around or not knowing who he is and how he operates. This enables the devil our ENEMY to sneak around in the shadows fulfilling what he set forth to do.

    I am not saying by books on devil this or that but KNOW YOU ENEMY for to under estimate your enemy is a real quick way to get defeated and die. However there are some really good teachings out there by anointed men of God - preparing us as Believers to stand against our enemy and to know how he operates.

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  13. The devil has spoken to all of us.
    We sin, perhaps tell a little lie; that's the devil speaking to us.
    She has told a story about demons talking to her; this is the devils words portrayed through a demon.

    There's a phrase I use in my church:
    susurros diabolus in piissimas aures
    This means the devil whispers on Holy ears - meaning the devil would rather deceive a religious person over a sceptical believers; its a greater victory for him.
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  14. I'm not saying we should ignore or underestimate the enemy, he is real and powerful.

    BUT we should also be aware that Jesus Christ has already defeated satan, the enemy was crushed under the Holy Cross and Salvation is ours to take it!
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  15. Flavio Hello,
    I do so agree with this - however - to many believers never learn of the authority we have over the devil and the devil reeps havic in their lives to much. Others want to pretend that he is no problem for he is not even there- again the devil controls much of the out come in their lives. Some even think they do not have to do anything for Jesus defeated satan and live how ever they want.

    I replied in the way I did for too many believers seem to think it is a sin to know about your enemy the devil. So I took the liberty of high lighting if you will that one line you said as a tool to work from. lol I kind of figured you were going in that direction but it was a nice place to make a point from to others.
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  16. Here's another one, it's very personal and it may seem absurd to most people but true Christians know it's not.

    When I started going to church, it was very difficult for me to focus on the ceremony. I enjoyed church and was extremely motivated, of course, but my mind somehow wandered and I had all sorts of grotesque / obscene thoughts.

    This only happened in church and I have no doubt it came from the enemy.

    Things have improved and today those demons don't bother me anymore.
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    Lately I've been doing some research on Satan and the demonic realm. Granted I'm not fond of it, but there's no harm in gaining an understanding of who the Devil is and how he works. In fact, it's probably unhealthy to ignore it altogether. Why? In 2009, a survey from Christian Post Reporter asked U.S. Christians what they believed about Satan. According to the survey, nearly six out of ten Christians either strongly agreed or somewhat agreed with the statement that Satan "is not a living being but is a symbol of evil.” That is dangerous.

    It's important to recognize Satan’s existence because neglecting his existence leads to divorcing the necessity of God’s eternal gift to us. Satan is real and Hell is real, and sadly, people do go there. Satan doesn’t want you to believe he exists, and if you do, he’d prefer you recognize him as some sort of Loony Tunes caricature of himself because it means we aren’t taking him seriously.

    Satan can be easily combated if one is equipped with the Holy Spirit and the gifts He gives us, but it's also easy to fall into his traps if we're not careful.

    I remember once quoting someone that Satan's number one sin was pride...but I'm not sure I was right for quoting that. I'm wondering if it's fair to suggest that it was equal parts of pride and envy because Satan was jealous of God and strongly jealous of man. He couldn't stand the idea of having to help mankind. He despised Jesus long before Jesus was born into the world.

    When it comes to demonic influence on man, it's surprisingly not difficult for it to happen. People do become possessed all the time. It isn't fictional when we think of demonic overtake -- it happens.

    Don't be surprised if your dream was something that was actually happening to you. It's not unlikely for them to attack at night during dead hour (around 3 AM). And keep in mind too that Satan isn't trying to go after people who live in sin. He's already got them, he needs no major effort for them. His work is focused on those who are obedient to God. This is why Satan even followed Jesus around the dessert.

    My wife and I were on vacation back in 2011. The first day of that trip, we learned that my uncle had shot himself in the head and killed himself. That evening, my wife said, while I was asleep, she opened her eyes and saw our cat, Cecil, staring right back at her (she loves Cecil), but the face was distorted and had an ugly look to it and appeared to be choking. The night after, she says she distinctly heard a voice say "No! Not while they're asleep!" And immediately after that, a wave of relief came by. I don't remember it, but I don't doubt any of it.

    When I was in my early teens, I remember waking up to what I thought was an asthma attack (which I have). I'll get them at night sometimes, but this time it was a sharp pain in my chest. There was more to what I was feeling. I began praying and right away, the attack was gone. Typically, I would have needed an inhaler and maybe a use of my nebulizer to clear my chest, but it went instantly through prayer. I wouldn't be surprised if a demon was sitting on my chest tormenting me.

    One thing that's typical is even seeing little kids and babies getting fussy when a discussion about certain things arise. I was once listening to a homily at a Sunday Mass and the more we began talking about this subject, the more little kids began to cry and scream. The priest then said "Wait a second..." and the room got quiet immediately. All of the kids just stopped. The priest then went on, "The devil's stirring them all up. When you start preaching on this, this is really typical, so don't be disturbed -- he's just irritating those little kids. You just say a prayer and he'll quiet down."

    If we believe in the heavenly world and the works of angels and our guardians, we have to acknowledge the hellish world and the works of demons and our tormenters. Don't be scared of the little morons, but be on guard.
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  18. Absolutely!

    I couldn't agree more, being well informed about an enemy or adversary is always sensible.

    I believe the enemy has been very active in my life, especially since I turned to Christ. He is, however, extremely subtle and I'll give you an example.

    One of the reasons why I converted to Christ was a case of demonic possession that I witnessed a few years ago. The victim is a woman that owns lots of cats and a few days ago I came across an article on cats causing schizophrenia in humans. Could this explain her behavior? It's possible, but I'm still convinced it is a genuine case of possession and the enemy somehow tried to cast doubt on my mind by leading me to that article.

    My Jesus Christ bless us and protect us, even though we're sinners!

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