a choice

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  1. a choice

    do you love children or men/women more.i ask this because the 2 can,t combine Goodly?in this world.
  2. You got to explain your question a bit better.

    I love everybody the same, all ages are great ... even when my Grandpa mowed my lawn when I was at the hospital a few weeks ago and hit a stump with my new mower. His heart is just to big. I told him 5-6 times to NOT mow my lawn, I'm going to try mow his next week, he'll just freak out I'm going to mow wrong.
  3. You have a good heart Tyler!:)
  4. it is Good to stay single.but if you marry you could have children.
  5. My life revolves around my wife and 2 boy's (and my dog). I hope nobody ever has to stay single, I pray I never have to be again. I used to be a take off for a few days on a canoe trip or winter camping trip by myself, I tried a week trip without my family last year into Ontario, I made it 1 night and I realized God made this place to be shared with loved ones. I was even catching fish and I turned around and got them to go with me for the week, then I made some lasting memories.

  6. Amen , Tyler .... Good for you. Where did you go in Ontario ? I am single and it is not easy but God knows I would love to share with some one but for the time being I must just be still and know that He is God.

    Please make memories , Tyler with your family and love your wife with all your heart and your two boys. God bless.:D
  7. Yes, thats incredible Tyler. AMEN to that you said. Besides, God intended for man to procreate offspring- Gen. 1:28- (be fruitful and multiply). So, I'm afraid this topic is not valid.

    But, to understand what SC was speaking of, is being in service for God. God tells us, if married, our hearts and minds will be turned more towards the world, in order to care for a family.

    Thus, it has to be individual, how God guides someone to be in service for Him, if marriage will work in that situation or not. But, God also teaches us, its better to marry than to burn. So, as said, its individual.

    God Bless!!

  8. I just found this and realized I never responded...I'm rude. I was in SW Ontario near Kenora, the most beautiful place around, not Kenora but SW Ontario in general.
  9. I always find the section on marriage in the NT a bit hard to understand, that if we are young to get married to keep from sinning, but if we can refrain to do it.

    Our secretary just lost her husband, she's 60, I'd like to see her find somebody...but she'll have the Lord lead her to whatever. I get to work with a strong Christian lady what a blessing... but I can't get away with anything at work, to many hot wings, to much coffee, to many hamburgers from the bar across the street, it never ends, and I love it.
  10. That's Ok Tyler.... But you know what? Tell that to Deni cause he thinks he lives in the most beautiful part of Canada..... :D:D

    This in Ontario near Ottawa

  11. Hey Tyler-

    No problem. You see, some get confused because the Apostles taught its better to stay single if you can, yet better to marry, if burn with sexual desire rather than comit fornication and sin.

    The reason for wanting to stay single, is for more focus of us being on God. Otherwise, in marriage, as noted, we must put some of our focus on the world, enough to keep our family cared for and needs met.

    If single, all our focus can be on serving and living for God. Becoming the Child and vessel He wants us to be indivdiaully. If married, some focus goes to pleasing a spouce, besides caring for and raising children etc, etc, so that not all focus will always be on God and less freedom to serve God as if were single.

    God Bless!!
  12. You dont sin if you marry and paul told believers to husband love yourt wives as your own bodies and take care of them when God blesses me with a wife i will love her dearly Gods word commands it Jesus is Lord

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