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  1. It all began with an iPhone...
    March was when my son celebrated his 15th birthday, and I got him an iPhone.
    He just loved it. Who wouldn't?


    I celebrated my birthday in July, and my wife made me very happy when she bought me an iPad.

    My daughter's birthday was in August so I got her an iPod Touch.


    September came by so for her birthday i got my wife an iRon.

    It was around then that the fight started......​

    What the wife failed to recognize is that the iRon can be integrated into the home network with the iWash, iCook and iClean. This inevitably activates the iNag reminder service.

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  2. LOL, oh goodness.
  3. I thought you really got an iPhone and I was going to ask you about itl. But you are just goofing off as usual :rolleyes:

    I didn't even noice it was in the humor section.
  4. OOOO GS .................O man that was gooood. i sent it to my boss because of a similar situation with him. He bought his wife an electronic bath scale. She mentioned 1 a while back and on her B day he bought her 1 thinking she wanted that.................NOT!!!!!! he was in trouble for 3 months. So to make up for it he bought her a car battery for valentines day cuz her car battery died. He put a card on it saying........... I will never die for you. OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOpppppppppppppsssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he still has scars on his butt hehehehehe:D

    Chili out
  5. Ya can't check your weight with a box of chocolates, and ya can't start your car with a dozen roses. Those were perfectly good gifts! Wimmin! :D

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