777 Great Clean Jokes

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  1. 777 Great Clean Jokes


    I just got a joke book! and now I can make all your lives miserable with HORRID puns! :D Heheheeee!
    From the book 777 Great Clean Jokes:

    What's the best state to get school supplies?

    What did the big hand on the clock say to the little hand?
    I'll be around in an hour

    A mother saw her young son come through the door with filthy hands. She stopped him and said, "My goodness, what would you say if I came in the house with hands like that?"
    Her son looked at her and answered, "I think I'd be too polite to mention it."

    Why were the Middle Ages also called the Dark Ages?
    Because there were so many knights

    How do you make a bandstand?
    Pull their chairs away

    Why did the cucumber need a lawyer?
    It was in a pickle

    More to come later.
  2. Banarenth attack pun dealing 1 damage,
    pun attacks Banarenth dealing 5000 damage,
    Banarenth pops out of existence.

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