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  1. I note that there is now some discussion in the "The Great Tribulation - After The Millennium" thread about the prophesies of Daniel and the 7 year tribulation and this supposed missing 70th week of Daniel. I want to share with everybody some interesting things about Daniel and official world history I have learned in recent times in creating my "Reality Bender" video series on YouTube. ("Islandbard" Channel). Things it seems many do not want us to know.

    The message in a nutshell is - There is not much point looking for the missing 70th week of Daniel - it was never lost in the first place.

    I originally posted this on the "After the Millenium" topic but everybody seemed too busy to notice. But being a "biggie" I thought it deserved its own topic.

    What I am sharing here are not interpretations and opinions of the facts but the very facts and realities themselves for those who want to seek out the truth of these things for themselves.

    In Isaiah the Lord made a very significant challenge to mankind for many HOPE the Lord exists, many BELIEVE the Lord exists, BUT the Lord calls on us to KNOW FOR CERTAIN that He exists. For no man on earth can tell you the FUTURE history of the world.
    It therefore always amazes me that we have allowed (yes allowed) Satan to take what should be some of the most incredible proof of the REALITY of the Lord and turn it into what is perhaps the greatest source of confusion, contention, and false teachings in the Christian community today. I speak of the prophesies of Daniel.

    I want to share with you a sadly fresh understanding of the prophesies of Daniel. I say sadly because it seems as if there is quite an effort out there in the Christian community to hide what should be so obvious to many if they are given the correct information. I have no interest in debating this stuff (if all anybody wants to do is prove I'm wrong and they are right they may as well stroke their own egos now because I'm not going to do it for them Besides I don't think they are going to be able to convince Daniel and History to change what they have recorded.) However I am happy to discuss it with anybody who wants to know more and check things out for themselves and reach their own conclusions.

    Daniel CLEARLY TELLS us the timeframe in which the prophesies of Daniel 8-12 will ALL come to pass - and the signifying event has ALREADY come to pass nearly 2,000 years ago.

    There are some very sigificant details here that most people simply do not see. For ease of reading I'll list them by Verse.

    Verse 1: It is the death of Christ on the cross that delivers those whose names are in the Book (of Life)

    Verse 2: Pay particular note that only SOME of those who sleep in the dust (dead and buried) shall be raised not ALL!! Clearly this is not the final resurrection when ALL shall be raised. Remember what happened when Jesus died on the cross and rose again?? (Matt 27: 52 And the graves were opened; and many bodies of the saints which slept arose, 53 And came out of the graves after his resurrection, and went into the holy city, and appeared unto many.)

    Verse 3: "They that turn many to righteousness" is a reference to those, such as the Apostles, that go out to make disciples and call to repentence. This is what happened at Jesus' FIRST coming which was to save whoever will repent. The SECOND coming is to judge.

    Verse 6: Note the angel asks how long it will be to the END of "these wonders" (ie prophesies).

    Verse 7: There is reference to three and a half years but note that all THESE THINGS shall be FINISHED when the power of the Holy People (the nation of Israel) IS SCATTERED. This is the final curse of the sevenfold increasing curses of Leviticus 26:14-46. THAT event occurred in - 74AD - with the fall of the LAST Jewish citiy and stronghold, MASADA, as the final curse foretold (the destruction of ALL the cities, temples and high places of the Promised Land, not just Jerusalem).

    Verse 11 Three and a half years after the destruction of Jerusalem and desecration of the Temple in 70 AD is ..... 74AD when the LAST city and government stronghold of Israel - MASADA - is destroyed thus accomplishing the scattering of the power of the holy people among the heathen nations as the last of the sevenfold increasing curses of Leviticus foretold.

    OK some other interesting things EVERYBODY forgot to tell us.

    ALL the prophesies of Daniel 8 came to pass with the rise and demise of Alexander the Great and the later rise of the USURPER of the Seleucid Empire, Antiochus Epiphanes. EVEN the prophesy of the 2300 days (approx 6 years, 3 months and 18 days). On 24th Kislev (around Nov/Dec) 165BC after the revolt of the Macabees the Temple was cleansed (now celebrated as Hannukah). 2,300 days before this is 171BC. In 171BC Antiochus caused the daily sacrifice to be unacceptable to the Lord and also defiled the sanctuary by a grievous transgression of the Law of God. He ousted the AARONIC High Priest Jason (aka Jeshua) and replaced him with a NON-AARONIC High Priest called Menelaus. Menelaus was not a descendent of Aaron but a Benjimanite. Under the Lord's covenant only descendents of Aaron could be High Priests before Him.

    Now about the troublesome prophesies of Daniel 9. The biggest mistake so many have made here is they think there is only one prophesy when, in fact, there are TWO separate prophesies. Daniel was trying to solve TWO puzzles, not one. When do the sevenfold increasing curses of Leviticus finish AND when does the Messiah come?

    Gabriel answered both questions but they were TWO separate answers. The prophesy of the coming of the Messiah had a definite starting date - the issuing of the decree to Nehemiah by Atarxerxes for the rebuilding of Jerusalem (the city, not just the Temple). THIS is the only decree that fulfills the prophecy. After the decree is issued in month of Nissan 69 "weeks" (69 x 7 Jewish years) brings us to - 32AD in the month of Nissan (the PASSOVER month) when we find Jesus riding into Jerusalem as its King and Messiah only to be "cut off".

    HOWEVER the 70 weeks does not refer to the coming of the Messiah but to the END of the sevenfold increasing curses of Leviticus. Gabriel gave NO START DATE for this prophesy. BUT we KNOW how the sevenfold increasing curses of Leviticus - ENDS. With the destruction of the LAST City, Temple and high place of Israel. Which briongs us back to MASADA in 74AD. 70 "Weeks" (70 x 7 JEWISH years) before this, in 410-409 BC they finished rebuilding ... JERUSALEM. For the curse was not only on the people but also on the CITY.

    But here is some more interesting history. Before 66 AD Rome had a covenant with Israel by which, of all the conquered territories of Rome, Israel was allowed to continue to worship and sacrifice to the God of Israel at HIS Temple in Jerusalem. Countries conquered by Rome normally had to abandon their gods and worship the Gods and emperors of Rome. Part of this covenant was that a daily sacrifice on behalf of the Roman Emperor be offered at the Temple. Now one Gessius Florus was appointed procurator over Israel in 64AD (the 13th one). But he so incensed the Jews (massacring some of them didn't help) that in 66 AD the Jews revolted marking the start of the Jewish / Roman war which led to the destruction of Israel. Part of that revolt was to forbid any foreigners to worship in ther Temple and to stop the daily sacrifices offered on behalf of the Roman Emperor. Three and a half years after 66 AD is 70 AD when the Temple is defiled and the "abomination that causes desolation" stood in the Holy Place. Three and a half years after THAT is 74 AD when was accomplished the scattering of the power of the Holy People and all these things FINISHED!!

    I AM happy to discuss these things, just not "debate". These things ARE recorded - they ARE the reality in which you live.

    Regards Misty.

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