7 Things To Stop Doing On Facebook

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Dusty, May 14, 2010.

  1. Its so obvious when its spelled out for you like that .....some of the things that you might put in your status as a passing comment could give away so much.

    Thanks for the insightful link Dusty
  2. Your welcome Natty and when I learn something as important as that , I like to pass on to others ... Blessings .
  3. This is some VERY IMPORTANT information that ALL Facebookers need to adhere to.

    My niece had her account hacked into and whoever did the hacking used her account to sent out a virus to all her friends via some sort of video. Thankfully I was able to correct mine before it did any damage.

  4. I am not really into Facebook though have this account... Don't know, not an avid fan of it...
  5. I use facebook every once in a while. Not many people that i know on it... So i don't know. It just kind of sits there. I guess I could re-work a few things in it...
  6. I love my facebook..so many family members and friends are there..sometimes it's easier to connect on there too.
  7. Yes I must agree. It is good for family members and such. If I had some and the ladder, I would probably use facebook more.
  8. Well Phil, when I first got introduced to facebook, I looked for old school buddies and found quite alot of them..one person I kinda knew in school I never clicked with but since I found her on there, we have become pretty good friends.
  9. Facebook brings out the best in everyone. :)
  10. I have read several law enforcement articles and they have all said that F.B. its a very dangerous and evil weapon towards people.I have already heard of over a dozen marriages destroyed by f.b. because so many people cant let go of their past.I found it incredible how many adults I know want to know what their ex boy friends or girl friends are doing from high school.I personalley feel many christians have forgotten what happened to lots wife when she looked back at Sodom and gomorrah,she became a pillar of salt.I cant figure out why so many christians like to look back at the old days before they got saved?God is so beutiful,awesome,wonderful,great and powerful why would any one look back when they have all they need now?
  11. Facebook itself is not dangerous, but the people who abuse it are.
  12. I'm addicted to Facebook. We should really have a Facebook support group for us addicts :p

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