5 really weird things about water

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  1. That was really interesting. Thanks
  2. Water is truly a miraculous compound.
  3. You find the most amazing websites to visit. The properties of water are interesting. I've been looking for something like that on fire. What other thing is there that eats, breathes, can be brought to life or extinguished by us, yet isn't human or animal? I often thought that perhaps God's references to water, fire and the Spirit must have more than we see on the surface. Something about how He shows us things in the natural first then the spiritual.
    Don't have a clue where I'm going with this just have always been interested in these things.
    Thanks for the website
  4. I have put bottle of a soft drink in the fridge to cool it and forgot about it. Hours later I took it out, and there was no ice in the bottle--until I opened it. Then the ice formed.
  5. That can happen up in the mountains too, and can be very dangerous.
    The water flowing in streams can get well below freezing because it is moving. If you put your hands in it, to wash or something like that you can get frost bite suddenly.

    So use caution if you plan to vacation in the higher altitudes! :)
  6. i love it when that happens. when i was staff at a summer camp in the staff canteen there was a pop machien and the temp was to low on it when you opened the bottle it turned the pop in to a slushie. there is nothin better when it is around the 40 celcius mark lol
  7. Water can become superheated, just as it can become supercooled. It can burst into steam even if no additional heat is being applied.

    I don't think water is so special. All the elements have amazing properties and cool curiosities.
  8. And our simple human minds are not even able to come close to creating even the basic elements of life. It is just so truly amazing how great, and powerful God really is. All of it is shown in his creation.

    I'm a Creationist, but weather you're a creationist, or evolutionist (doesn't matter what you are, all that matters is your faith in Christ Jesus), you just can't deny the fact that God's creation is so completely mind-boggling and amazing.

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