2030 commemorating 2K years of Christ

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  1. In Uruguay we are getting ready to celebrate in 2030 the 200 years of our nation independence. We also are getting ready to host the FIFA World Cup commemorating the 100 years of the first WC (1930 also in Uruguay). But I can not move my brothers to get ready to celebrate the 2.000 yeras of the cross. Not that 2.000 years has any special meaning, but it is an excellent oportunity for evangelism.

    Think about. Suppose that Jesus was not the Christ; that there is not God. In that suppose...what is the person that did afect human history the most? What is the event that did afect the most human history? In a atheist point of view, the person and event that changed the human history the most, is Jesus of Nazaret and him being crucified.

    Starting there we must we must remind the world who Jesus was: the Christ. And remaind them that the spiritual impact of Jesus is infinitely deeper that his impact in human history.
  2. I like it! Is this a real planned thing or are you just suggesting it? I'd love to see this happen.
  3. The Uruguay bicentenary is a real thing. In 1811 we started the independence war ending at 1830. We are already celebrating the bicebntenary commencing in 2011.
    We are already presenting the proposal to FIFA. FIFA have defined the next 3 hostes (2014, 2018 and 2022) and we are presenting the candidature for 2030. Also FIFA has anounced that it is interested in the proposal.
    The 2.000 years of Christ is only my idea. I have tried to move my pastor and other christians but with no answer.
  4. Perhaps it is just too far off for people to think about? I certainly could get a group of Christians interested in Celebrating Christ, but doubt I could get many to commit to something 20 years from now. I really like the idea though.
  5. It depend on how much one cares. As I told you, in Uruguay we are taking the first steps in order to get from FIFA the hosting for 2030. Pay attention; FIFA will decide the host of 2030 in 8 years from now. Not only that, the list of candidated will be open in 7 years from now. We also are at 19 years from the independence bicentenary and working for it. It depend on how much one cares.

    If what you have on mind is some special services as you do on christmas, or perhaps lttle bit better; then it is too early. If what you have on mind is a movie as the Columbus movie in 1992; then we are little behind. We have to come to the world telling them that most important historical event, with the most deep impact in the human history, was the crucifixon of Jesus of Nazareth. We have to tel them that Jesus was a real person that was actually crucified on 30AC. We have to tel them that that single event did split the human history in two: after and before (not the birth but the dead).

    Even leaving the spiritual aspects, even if his resurrection was a fake; even in that suppose, not other single event have had a global impact of that depth in all human history.

    It is not too early.

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