15 posts required to post a url

Discussion in 'Site Showcase' started by Jeffin, May 10, 2008.

  1. 15 posts required to post a url

    You will need 15 posts to post a url anywhere on Christian Forum Site. If you attempt to by pass this rule, the forum will automatically disallow you from posting that particular post.

    Note: This is just a precaution to keep spammers out but genuine Christian webmasters are always welcome here to discuss anything.
  2. Thanks, Jeff. I was kind of worried someone would post inappropriate content on the site sometime...

  3. That is an EXCELLENT idea Jeff!:D

  4. Yes indeed. Many thanks
  5. lol
    i think its a great idea...
    even though my very 1st post after my "hi im new here" post.. was a video. :D
  6. Oh. *puts finger on the ban button*
    No I am not doing it. :p
  7. I love that this site is not full of spam! I am on a couple other forums and its so hard to go through all the junk to find good posts. I think most spammers aren't going to take the time to post 15 posts before posting, so I think that is a great idea! I recently had a group of spammers join my site and then post like 200 blogs. Was a nightmare to clean up, hopefully I can find a way to do something similar!
  8. I think this would be a good idea again if this has been removed.
  9. I agree! It would cancel out those that just come to post, or at least make it moderated for the first 15... some sites have 6.
  10. It'd stop spam members before they have chance to disrupt things.
    Any posts come under latest anyway so one of the staff would spot it.
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