Zoey 101 Issue

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  1. You are so right. We should let our kids run willy nilly and do what they please. :rolleyes::eek:
  2. Vision,

    One thing we've already taught our kids is that as long as they live with us and as long as we are paying their way, they will abide by our rules. They know that one day they'll be all grown up and ready to make their own way in the world, have families of their own and then they can make all their own decisions.

    Kids have a strong (sometimes overblown) sense of fairness. Both my kids already see that it's more than fair to respect our wishes as long as they are living at home. (And, we've already told them that they are welcome to live at home for as long as they want!)

    Whether they like it or not though, we took on the responsibility of raising them, and teaching them values and wisdom. We are honest with them that we sometimes make mistakes and maybe ban something that doesn't need to be, or even allow somethings that we shouldn't of, (like when my son watched an old movie that we all though was fun, but then he had a nightmare) but that we really do love them and are doing the best we can to raise them to be responsible, caring adults. When they have their own kids, they can correct whatever mistakes we made, and go on to make mistakes of their own.

    Boanerges; yes, that's exactly my issue with the program. As I mentioned in the OP, can you imagine what the response would have been if "Marsha Brady" became pregnant in "real life". I don't think they would have just gone on as if it were no big deal back then.
  3. Nice reply handy :)

    da man your just gay :)
  4. Why?
  5. I'm with Fluffy...

    ...who the french toast is Zoey 101? Or whatever...?

    I didn't even know who Hannah Montana was. Then I saw her on TV and was like...what's all the hub-bub about? She looks like any girl you can see making a fool of herself on karaoke night in any backtown bar...?:eek:

    Oh, I remember the day when you needed to have talent to become famous. Talent and good morals.


    (by the way...the gay remark, I thought, was cruel:()
  6. I wasn't very pleased with it myself.:mad:
  7. I'm guessing that neither Fluffy nor Whirlwind have 10 year old daughters. ;)

    Zoey 101 is a TV program about a young girl who goes to a posh school. Not a bad program, but the star of the show, the person who plays the young girl is Britney Spears 16 year old pregnant sister, Jamie Lynn Spears. So as far as talent and good morals are concerned, talent, a little maybe, good morals, zilch.
  8. Thanks, Handy!:D

    I actually asked one of my friends about this...she rolled her eyes before she answered. She's sick of hearing Zoey this and Zoey that.

    No - I don't have any girls around the age of 10.

    Missy (my cat) likes Funniest Home Videos. And Sprout doesn't watch the tube...he stays in his coconut shell house and reads his little bible.:eek:
  9. HAHAHA That's funny.

    I have to admit, I agree that what Britney, Zoey, and all these other stars are doing is wrong. But get it off the news already. We know the story. Put something on the news worth watching. Why don't they put stories on the news of how God is working in the lives of people today? That would get me to watching the news.:dance:
  10. Edit: Nevermind....
  11. Now, now...DaveS.:p
  12. I say watch the show with her..you'll probably see the innocence of the show itself. Before you let her watch the show, however, talk to her about the actress and let her know that what she did was wrong. I'm sure nothing bad will come of watching the show.:)
  13. When I was younger, I used to watch Batman & Robin. It's cheezy to me today, and I still don't drive a Batmobile.

    ...but back then, oh...how I wanted to be just like Batman!:D
  14. I bought all three of my kids a magazine last week (or went to)
    James Bond for my son (nothing graphic in that thankfully) Dora the explorer for the little one, and went to pick uo the Zoey 101 mag as it had lots of girlie looking gifts with it, but just fely a check in my spsirit .
    Eventually decided not to get it.
    Explained to my 11 yr old why I hadnt got her one, she was fine, she said that's alright I wouldnt want it cos that girl is only 16 and pregnant!
    So they do understand (hopefully) And yet at other times my daughter displays qyuite an attitude.
    Maybe we should look at the positive also thoug, she has decided to keep her child and hasnt tried to sweep it under the carpet.
    Maybe we should pray that she finds the Lord and straightens her life out.
  15. that's true!
  16. My daughter is only 3 so she isn't into all this stuff yet, but she thinks Hannah Monatana is a princess LOL.

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