Zoey 101 Issue

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  1. Zoey 101 Issue

    Well, it turns out that my 10 year old daughter is a 'closet' Zoey 101 fan. I say 'closet' because I honestly didn't know that she was watching the show. (A separate issue, which was already addressed, for my kids do know they aren't supposed to watch any show that hasn't been pre-approved by us! :mad: )

    Anyway, all the girls at the school are all geared up to watch the big Zoey 101 movie. And, my daughter is really upset because I said no.

    Naturally, the issue is not just because of the fact that she didn't get permission to watch this show, but rather due to the fact that the 16 year old Zoey is Jamie Lynn Spears, 16 and pregnant in real life.

    I would imagine that if Maureen McCormack had gotten pregnant, Marsha Brady would have been written out of the Brady Bunch or replaced by a different actor in a heartbeat. But, the times have changed and Nickolodean isn't going to make any changes to the series whatever.

    So, now I'm forced to have this discussion with my 10 year old, about why I'm not allowing her to watch a show that all her friends are geared up to watch.

    My kids know that the old, "But all of my friends are doing it" doesn't fly around here, but I've always tried to explain (age appropriately) why their father and I make the decisions we make, if anything to foster discernment in them. And, I think that it's important that she understand why we don't want to have her watch this show. It's a safe bet that the girls at school know all about the pregnancy and the fact that it's being touted as "wonderful" that she's keeping the baby.

    But, for crying out loud, she's just 10! Yes, we've had serious discussions regarding the birds and the bees and where babies come from, but only from the confines of Christian marriage and values. We will have to talk over things with her, but I'm a bit stymied on exactly how much we should go into this. Especially since I'm a real sticker for gossip as well, and I've already put the kabosh on any 'gossiping' regarding Jamie Lynn's older sister and her troubles.

    Any advice from some of you older and wiser parents on how we should handle this one?

  2. lol :s most 10years olds are running round with knifes, be glad that this is the worst you get.
  3. Good luck.
    I have a 7 yr old and 3 yr old that sometimes want to watch it.

  4. ;) You're quite right! My husband actually works with those kids with the knives, as a behavioral therapist. I know that we're blessed with good kids. The trick is keeping them this way, until they're old enough to make good decisions on their own.
  5. wow.. good luck with that one. my daughter is 8 but she's more into Hannah Montana and the disney channel. i didn't even know there was a Zoey101 movie.
  6. If we had to judge shows by the morals of the actors we'd be watching nothing but the back to God hour.... and even then it would depend on who the guest was. Mind you I'm no parent, and perhaps my opinions aren't valid. But the content of zoey101 is quite innocent.
  7. Glad I don't have Kids:dance:

    God Bless you with wisdom and patience:D
  8. Maybe its because my kids are all grown up, and the grandkids are still babies.....but WHAT is Zoey 101?[​IMG]
  9. nice job :), i would wna do something like that if i wasnt joining the army,

    What is zoey101?

  10. I know what you are saying Dave, and on an adult level I agree with you. But it's different with kids shows today. The star of the show is regularly presented in 'real life' before the kids. I agree, after reviewing the show that that the content is innocent enough, but my daughter relates not just to "Zoey" the character, but also to Jamie Lynn, the actress. And, my daughter is quite aware of the fact that Jamie Lynn is pregnant at 16.

    At any rate, thanks for the input everyone. The Zoey movie has come and gone, and my daughter really didn't make any more fuss than the first conversation that prompted this thread.
  11. some parents dont bother with their kids at all, this shows that you do care about them

    but what happens when the child has to go out into the world, they will have been sheltered too much

  12. by that time hopefully they're ready to make the right choices and decisions. unless they're locked up in a hole, they're gonna know what's out there, and what to expect, for the most part.
  13. Can you shelter your kids too much? I guess if you paint the facade to them that there are no problems in this world, but I don't think you should let your kids have free reign so they will be able to go into the world unsheltered.
  14. A kid let loose is a disaster waiting to happen. In this like all things there is balance but it is a parents duty to their kids to guide them and keep them out of trouble.
  15. I agree. I think if you give your kids a good Christian foundation they will be able to face the real world.
  16. This reminds me of the story from 197 AD of Tertullian exercising a demon out of a young Christian girl who had been possessed after attending the theater. When confronted, the demon replied, "and in truth I did it most lawfully for I found her in my domain". Be careful what and where you let those, who's salvation you are charged with (men), wander into ;)
  17. our blue peter presenter was sacked when finding he took drugs.kids tv people have a responsibility if they abuse it then they should be sacked.some are like spoilt brats teaching good kids.
  18. I agree that kids can be "too sheltered". I believe it's important to teach our kids discernment, and discernment cannot be taught in a Christian bubble. However, it isn't taught by just letting them go and do whatever, with whomever, whenever.

    So far, our strategy has been to do things with our kids. They can watch non-Christian shows and read non-Christian books, but we either watch/read with them, or review it first. And, we talk things over. They can go over to friends houses, but only when we know the parents. (Easy for us in our tiny community!)

    Still, there are plenty of times when "NO!" rules the day, and we do expect the kids to respect that, even if they don't like it.
  19. but wont they start to resent that, and what to do stuff themselfs..
  20. I just found out why that show was such a concern. That is B Spears pregnant little sister playing the role.

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