YuiTube and facebook virus .... Check in Snopes

Discussion in 'Technology and Internet' started by Dusty, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. YuiTube and facebook virus .... Check in Snopes

    There is a virus spreading like wildfire on fb called koobface. Do not accept anything from me or any of your friends that ask you to watch a video on you tube. Snopes just confirmed. It is a trojan worm virus. It will steal info, infest your system, and shut it down. Do not open the link. Please repost this in your status

  2. To get this virus, you have to run a executable file called the Faux Plug in. Now who would be silly enough to install a plug in without checking it out first?

    This plugin is hidden, and you will get a message that your adobe flash plugin is out of date and need to install a new version to watch the video.

    You should never install anything without verifying header links, and find out where the source of the file is being downloaded. Everyone should always do this anyway. The virus only targets those who don't pay attention. So, it's not that big a threat.

    Be blessed.
  3. Thanks for the info ... I am not very computer savy and didn't really understand what they meant . You guys are the best and I am learning so much here .
  4. Thanks for that tip! Because I usually just install the plug-ins because I want to see the vid. But now I'll double check to see if it's a reliable source!

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