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  1. Looking into a youth pastor position that is paid! It's in a town called Medina that is only 20 minutes away! They provide free housing! :) Please pray for this! :)
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  2. What Church? PM me......

    Stop by and see us if nothing else....(

    May the Lord be with you, We are trying to ramp up our Youth/Bus ministry; if all else fails-we need Bus Captains on the weekends. If we can expand enough-our Pastor would like to eventually have a 'staff'.

  3. I'll be praying.:)
  4. Keeping you in prayer.
  5. Woooo hoooo!! God is providing and your doing what you love to do..Good work faithful servant.

    Praying for you and the kids
  6. Praying that everything will work out perfectly for his glory.
  7. They provide housing and health insurance. :) They need one in August. :)
  8. Health ins? wow, even better
  9. The youth pastor position is not going to happen. I just haven't had time to pray about it and don't really know how to work it within my schedule. HOWEVER, my boss for my senior internship at camp just offered me a parttime job during the school year and I accepted! :)
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  10. Congrats on the new part time position :D
  11. Congratulations. God will use you.
  12. I'm sorry but it is all part of the plan, and at least you got something lined up
  13. I'm not upset :) It's either now or later. :)
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  14. Hi xspinningisfun: so are you particularly into music? do you play an intrument?

  15. I play piano

  16. Sounds good. Blessings.

    PS: I see from the other thread that you like Christian rap. Are you into Christian hard rock as well, maybe? (Disciple, Skillet, Red, etc.).
  17. Nope
  18. Oh okay, you much prefer rap, then. Blessings.
  19. No. Disciple, Skillet, and those kind of bands are particularly annoying to me. I feel like they try too hard to be "hard" rock. I used to like them when I was around 16. I like bands like For Today.

    I don't have a favorite genre of music.
  20. I see; ty; interesting that you think this way.

    Anyway, some of the lyrics from bands such as Disciple are outstandingly clear and Biblical, as for example in the track 'Battle Lines'; although like you say it is hard rock, and if the person doesn't like hard rock s/he won't really like Disciple.


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